Testosterone Gel Side Effects in Males

Testosterone Gel Side Effects in Males

Written by Ben Bunting: BA, PGCert. (Sport & Exercise Nutrition) // British Army Physical Training Instructor // S&C Coach.


Men age and testosterone levels naturally decline, causing a variety of symptoms, including low energy, decreased sexual desire, and muscle loss.

 Many men use testosterone gel as a form of replacement therapy to combat these symptoms. 

It can be a very effective therapy, but it is important that men are aware of any side effects. 

This comprehensive guide will examine the risks and effects of testosterone gel on males. 

You will receive accurate information that can help to alleviate any concerns you might have. 

We will explore each side effect, from the most common, such as skin reactions, mood swings and blood clots, to more serious risks, like heart disease and rare, but very severe, like heart issues and blood clots.

Your peace of mind is our number one priority. 

We want to educate you on the side effects of testosterone gel so that you can make informed decisions about your well-being and health. 

Let's take this journey and learn about the side effects of testosterone gel in men.

Before you buy testosterone gel, it is worth reading this article. 

  • What is testosterone Gel?
  • The benefits of testosterone gel
  • Testosterone gel side effects
  • Testosterone gel risks
  • Testosterone gel vs testosterone injections
  • Alternative solutions to natural alternatives

What is testosterone Gel?

Men who suffer from hypogonadism (low testosterone) are often treated with Testosterone gel. 

The testosterone gel is promoted as a way to boost testosterone and make you stronger, sexually more active and energized. However, there are many misconceptions about this type of medicine. 

This product is a hot topic due to its potential side effects. This is why I will tell you everything about the benefits of testosterone gel and any potential side effects to consider before purchasing the gel. 

The testosterone gel can help with certain testosterone-related issues. Androgel is the most common brand. 

The gel testosterone contains testosterone, as the name implies. The topical medicine is applied by rubbing directly on your skin. Most commonly, it is applied on the shoulders, upper arm, and abdomen. 

It is considered to be a more convenient and safer alternative than other testosterone/hormone therapy options such as patches or injections.

Some use testosterone gel in order to enhance testosterone effects, even though they already have healthy levels of this hormone. Most often, it is used to treat conditions that are related to testosterone deficiencies called male hypogonadism. 

Your t-levels will decrease as you age. It is normal and natural. The male hypogonadism is characterized by a low testosterone that's caused by more factors than age. 

When your hypothalamus (pituitary), gonads, or gonads fail to produce enough testosterone. 

This gel is designed to treat men with hypogonadism. The lack of testosterone can have serious effects on your health. This gel is designed to help you by supplementing the body with more testosterone. 

History of Testosterone Gel

In 2000, transdermal testosterone creams were introduced for the first time in America. 

They have become a popular method of testosterone replacement since then. The serum testosterone level reaches a stable state within 24 hours and remains in the normal range throughout the entire application.

The pharmacokinetics of this product are comparable with that found in testosterone patches, but it is superior to the injectable testosterone esters which have peaks and valleys associated with every dose.

The effects of testosterone gels on mood and sexual function are the same as those produced by patches or injectable forms.

The expected increases in prostate specific antigen are similar with and without testosterone gels. Also, the polycythemia risk is less with testosterone gels than with injectable modalities.

The testosterone gels are less likely to cause the application site reactions that can be a drawback with testosterone patches.

If precautions aren't taken, there is the possibility of inter-personal transmission. The superior tolerability of the testosterone gel over other testosterone replacement methods is due to its flexibility in dose.

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The benefits of testosterone gel

Transdermal testosterone gel was developed to address the shortcomings of other methods.

Patches and pellets are associated with high rates of adverse reactions at the application site.

Injectable esters have a tendency to cause peaks in serum testosterone that fall outside of the physiological range. 

Men who are hypogonadically affected will benefit the most from using testosterone gel. If you have a healthy, normal balance of testosterone, then you may not see such dramatic changes when using testosterone gel. 

These are the main benefits of testosterone gels and an increase in t levels.

Less Skin Irratibility

Local tolerability is better with testosterone gel than other transdermal creams. The testosterone patch has a higher incidence of skin reactions in studies that compare testosterone gel to a patch. 

In a study involving 227 hypogonadal males, for example, in which skin irritation was recorded in 6.6% of the Androderm group and 5.5% in Androgel-treated subjects.

Heart health

The production of red blood cells is a function of testosterone. Heart problems are more common in men who do not produce enough testosterone. 

Several studies show that men who are able to bring their blood sugar levels back to normal ranges have a lower risk of cardiovascular problems like strokes or heart attacks. 

Building muscle & losing fat

The most popular reason for people to use testosterone gels or similar treatments is that they want to increase their muscle mass. Bodybuilders and athletes, in particular, want to maximize their muscles while decreasing their body fat. 

It is difficult for men who do not produce enough testosterone to build enough muscle. Men who do not produce enough testosterone may see an improvement in the ratio between muscle and body fat when using this gel. However, some men report a decrease in their strength. 

Bone health

Your bones will not be as strong as they should be if you do not produce enough testosterone. It is especially true of older men. As men age, they lose the hormone that regulates mineral density of their bones. 

Studies have shown that testosterone can increase bone strength, durability and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. 

Cognitive health is improved

There is evidence to suggest that higher testosterone levels in men are more likely to be less prone than those with lower levels of t. 

Sexual health

It's no secret that testosterone-rich men are more active in the bedroom. The relationship between testosterone, sexual activity and arousal is strong. 

The hormone is often lower in older men, which can make it harder for them to maintain an erection. The use of testosterone is well known to help improve men's sexual performance and desire. 

Improved emotional stability

Low testosterone can affect your mood.

People who are depressed or irritable will be more tired, frustrated, and angry. The natural decline in testosterone with age is not as severe, and these issues are more commonly associated with hypogonadism. 

The use of testosterone gel is a great way to improve your mood and restore your emotional balance. Many males with hypogonadism have been helped by testosterone therapy. 

Prostate health

The prostate has been shown to be safe with long-term testosterone treatment. 

The longest testosterone gel trial published involved 163 men with hypogonadism who were treated up to 42 month using Androgel.

There was no significant difference between the serum prostate-specific antigen (PSA) concentrations of three groups that received testosterone gel dosage 

Testosterone gel side effects

It's vital to know about any possible side effects of testosterone gels. 

You see, testosterone gel is actually known to cause a relatively high number of side effects, similar to those that are caused by other testosterone-enhancing substances. 

Even though it is seen as an alternative to injections that are safer, this gel still poses many risks and dangers. It can also have potentially dangerous side effects. 

The most common side effects of testosterone gel include: 

  • Other digestive issues that can cause nausea, vomiting and abdominal upset
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Hair growth or premature hair loss in various areas of the body
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Some people notice that their sexual desires have decreased, while others find themselves becoming hypersexualized.
  • The testosterone gel can cause skin irritation, redness, swelling, itching, and burning.
  • The gel can cause skin to change color and tone in the areas where it is applied.
  • Men may notice that their breasts are getting larger.
  • Some people become more aggressive or irritable. Others may be depressed.
  • Acne

The side effects of testosterone gel tend to be more intense and frequent the longer and with greater use. 

You should also tell your doctor and ask for medical advice, if you've had negative reactions to other medications or ingredients in the products (such as dyes). It can prevent unwanted reactions. 

Testosterone gel risks

You should also consider the long-term risk of taking this medication, as well as other potential factors. 

Firstly, any hormone treatment may increase the risk prostate cancer. Other risks of testosterone gel include: 

  • Heart Disease
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Breast Cancer
  • Red blood cell count high

The gel can also pose a risk to those close to you. Minor side effects may occur in women who are exposed to the gel or its clothing. Some of these side effects include increased hair or unusual growth. 

Similar side effects can occur in children who come into accidental contact with gel or application sites. They may show more severe symptoms, such as: 

You should take all precautions to avoid coming into contact with others if you plan on using this gel. You should seek immediate medical attention if you come into contact with the gel. 

Testosterone gel vs testosterone injections

Hormone replacement therapy can be done in many ways. 

Despite their popularity, gels do pose risks. These gels are also dangerous. 

Here's a quick overview of all the pros and cons that you can expect when comparing depo-testosterone and testosterone gel. 

Start with some of the benefits

 This is a less aggressive form of treatment and will therefore be more likely to have fewer serious side effects.

It's often much easier to obtain than injectable testosterone.

You do not have to use an actual needle. This can lead to issues like infections.

There are also cons that you should consider

All the side effects and risks listed above are just a start.

The therapy is also milder compared to injections. It is possible that men who have healthy testosterone levels may not see many positive effects.

Compare it with testosterone injections. 

The pros first

Injections are stronger and more potent than gels. They can have a significant effect on people who already have a healthy level of testosterone.

These supplements are more likely to be effective in building muscle mass.

The cost of Androgel or other injectable steroids is cheaper for some people who can get them without prescription.

Now, the negatives

The side effects of testosterone injections can be more severe (even worse than those listed for gel).

If not performed correctly, injecting any substance can cause infections, scarring, or scabbing of the skin.

Both have pros and cons, but both can also cause negative effects. 

Natural alternatives

There are natural ways to increase your testosterone if the side effects of testosterone treatment seem too much. These methods can be as simple as changing your diet or lifestyle. Others may require some dedication and time. 

Natural Supplements

Military Muscle is a great testosterone booster that can be taken easily and effectively to boost testosterone naturally. 

Military Muscle, which is 100 % natural, does not have any side effects or risks. It's a legal and safe alternative to the more invasive procedures that were described. 

Military Muscle, for example, contains high levels of zinc. Zinc is one of most important minerals to manage testosterone and sexual health. Aside from that, it contains 13 other scientifically-backed, natural ingredients that can help raise your testosterone levels. 

Exercise more

Lifting weights and working out actually increases testosterone. Those who are less active tend to have lower levels of testosterone compared to people who do more exercise.

Avoid stress

Stress can cause the body to release more cortisol. This hormone interferes with testosterone's beneficial effects. 

The testosterone supplementation is needed by men who are stressed out and have higher cortisol levels. 

Eat a healthy diet

Eating healthily is key to raising testosterone levels. Certain foods, like oysters, leafy greens, fatty fish and olive oil, stimulate production of more testosterone by the body.

Spinach contains magnesium, iron, folate, calcium and potassium which all promote healthy hormones in the body. Oysters also contain zinc which increases testosterone and growth factor hormone production.


The use of testosterone gel, while milder than other hormone therapies, still comes with some risk. 

If you are a man who has low testosterone, testosterone gel and similar products can improve your overall health. 

It may be best to look for an alternative because of the many side effects, including those that could affect your family. 

There are many natural methods to safely increase your T-levels without any side effects. 

You can either speed up this process with dietary supplements or by changing your lifestyle. 

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