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We obviously think our product is the best testosterone booster on the market, and why wouldn't we?

It is crammed full of the best researched nutrients with the scientific evidence behind them to prove it. 

Not only that, it has been developed in collaboration with military personnel and athletes. 

Whatever your goal, using Military Muscle will help you achieve your best.  If you're not convinced, take a look at some of our customer testimonials. 

If you want a testosterone booster that is approved by military personnel, look no further.

Read Why Our Customers Love Military Muscle

Military Muscle is new to the market, but our research goes back to 2015. This means we are confident that Military Muscle will blitz your training regime. 

military muscle customer testimonials

Terry, M. (Business Owner)

"I was eager to make some gains in the gym and lose my dad bod after starting  a family.

I've been using Military Muscle while hitting the gym for a few months and have built a body I'm now proud of again." 

John, W.

"Military Muscle helps me sleep at night and lift the iron during the day!"

David, M. (Reservist & Chef)

"I’m loving being back on the product, I forgot how good it makes you feel."

Andy, F. 

"Shipping to Australia was rapid! I've got so much more energy now that I've been using Military Muscle for the gym and running.

I'm loving the 6 month package which means I got the tee shirt and snood!"

Derrick, J. (Soldier)

"I have noticed an increase in energy, feeling great and motivated to exercise more after 3 months. If this continues I will buy again. Money well spent in my opinion".

Jacob, T.

"This stuff works outstandingly, and I have even started sleeping better I support this product and the team 100% and will definitely be making future purchases for a very long time. Thank you again!"

Mark, W. (Veteran)

"I throw the discuss and have a heavy schedule...currently 2nd placed in Scotland and 20th overall in the UK...the product works well with recovery.  Great product to help you keep slapping on those weights!"

Justin, W.

"I didn't think it would work, but it does!"

Steve, A. (Soldier)

"I have been training to keep in shape and help maintain a ready state of fitness. Tours have taken me all over the world and I want to be ready for anything that may come my way. Using Military Muscle helps me feel better than ever and has helped my get over a plateau, so I'm now benching over 320lbs."

Mark, R. 

"Love this stuff!"

David, F. (Muy Thai Champion & Jui Jitsu Fighter)

"I fought to a high standard when I was younger, but I couldn't just leave my fighting with my youth. Since growing older I have now decided to change disciplines, but the need for ultimate fitness and power is still there.

I have been using Military Muscle to help with my overall performance and recovery...and now I'm back on the podium."

Daniel, G. (Entrepreneur) 

"As an entrepreneur I find that I have to maximize my time available for working out and keeping fit. Especially as I'm a father of 3 and own multiple businesses. 

I've been using Military Muscle to enhance my 6am fitness regime and get the most from my time at the gym." 

Aston, W. (Soldier)

"I'm new to the military and wanted to use something that would help me pass all of my fitness tests during basic training and gain some extra muscle mass.

Military Muscle looked good, and not only did I pass with flying colors, I was awarded best recruit in physical training."

Chris, J. (RAF)

"I've been successfully using Military Muscle to reduce my running times."

Jon, I. (Neuro Scientist & Triathlete)

"I spend a lot of time in the saddle and I am aware of the implications this can have on testosterone levels as well as muscle tissue breakdown over long arduous training. 

Military Muscle helps me feel more energetic and improve my fitness."

Paul, B. (Soldier)

"I have been using Military Muscle for over a month and have noticed increased muscle and I can lift more in the gym." 

Jake, B.

"I juggle being a Gas Safe certified plumber and gas engineer with a busy schedule of playing rugby whilst boxing. 

Military Muscle just works, I can't explain it other than it makes me feel more powerful and energized for my day and workouts."

Youseff, M. (Break Dancer)

"Military Muscle gives me more energy, it's great for gym sessions!"

Justin, D. (Construction Worker)

"I work in construction, but want to lift more in the gym.

I bought the 6 month package and feel more energy in the gym after working and have got a stronger chest and shoulders."

Lester, R. (Veteran)

"I am a 50 year old Army Veteran of 13 years. At age 28, I suffered a traumatic brain injury and broken neck at C-6 and C-7 that nearly took my life.

As I have aged, my hormone levels have plummeted and after a few years on synthetic testosterone injections, I was left high and dry by my treating physicians due to rising liver enzymes.

I have had no replacement alternatives in over 3 years and I have desperately tried every natural booster on the market that claimed to help men like myself only to waste my money and have my hopes dashed.

Now, things have changed and after much research and relentless internet searches am absolutely thrilled to have found Military Muscle, and although it is fairly early in the game for me, I can feel my days getting better, my mind starting to function like my former self, and I actually have a desire to be involved with activities. My appetite has even increased and I find myself laughing again. 
If I could say anything to anyone who might be wondering if Military Muscle is worth the price to pay, I would say, do not hesitate. It just might change your life. 
Thank You Military Muscle, You No Doubt have a Customer for Life!"

Tom, J. (Semi-Professional Rugby Player)

"Rugby is a very aggressive and full contact sport, for me, the recovery process is key. 

Since using Military Muscle my recovery times have been slashed."

Pat, P. (Navy)

"Being in the navy and undersea for months at a time makes it hard to hit the gym as much as I would like. There's also no sunlight so I wanted something with vitamin DThis test booster contains a huge amount of vitamin D and loads of other nutrients. Time ashore is spent in the gym and i'm lifting heavier than ever!" 

Bjorn, W. (P.E Teacher)

"I love all sports, from rugby, skiing, swimming, football, tennis, squash, running to cycling. Plus, being a P.E teacher means I am active all day, every day.

I want to feel my best all the time, and I want to excel. This test booster helps with both. Highly recommended."

Darren, D. (Soldier)

"I like to run marathons, and will be heading to Washington DC for the USMC marathon for the fifth time. Long distance training is a killer, and it is easy to lose lots of key nutrients through sweat.

Using Military Muscle 3 times a day helps replenish lost minerals so I can carry on competing."

Jack, S. (Physiotherapist, CrossFit Athlete)

"I know the importance of reducing and avoiding inflammation, plus taking part in WOD at my local CrossFit gym and playing rugby means I know about injuries and recovery. 

I was looking for a supplement that had multiple benefits. After doing my own research it was Military Muscle that stood out to me. Big doses, lots of proven ingredients and no banned nutrients."

Cenzo, M.

"I can already notice a difference in my strength and stamina."

Leroux, R.

"Half bottle in, feeling great!"

Adam, T. 

"I live for the ski season, but I started to feel that my body was lagging behind my enthusiasm. 

I saw some great reviews about Military Muscle helping with muscle recovery for gym goers so thought I would try it out myself...I wish I had known about earlier, it really helps!"

Jim, W. (Soldier)

"I'm a fell runner at heart which sees me hitting the hills on a regular basis. 

However, I do like to hit the gym and the squat rack to build up core strength which helps on steep gradients. 

To achieve this I wanted a helping hand, and this came in the shape of Military Muscle. I did my research on different products but this one came out on top."

Mark. B.

"Military Muscle has been an amazing supplement for my daily workouts. Thank you so much!"

Julian, O. 

"I needed a supplement that could pass any potential compulsory drug testing. I also needed something that would work. 

Military Muscle does both. A great supplement!"

Matt, J. (Soldier)

"I have recently been training for the Regimental Nordic ski championships in Germany. As a result, my routine has increased with long hours of phys and lots of miles in the ski's. 

Military Muscle has helped me through this period of high intensity exercise." 

Ross, M. (Actor)

"I'm a full time professional actor. Auditions take me all over the country and further beyond. My current roles require me to bulk up, so I have been taking Military Muscle to maximize my gym work. 

I'm also a keen squash player and soccer player, I have noticed far better recovery after games since using Military Muscle, as well!"

Paul, T. (Military Physical Training Instructor)

"Being a physical training instructor means I put my body through hell. I am also keen to see which legal and natural supplements are effective. I love using Military Muscle because it's effective and science is there."

Koroush, V. (Olympic Weightlifting Coach) 

"At my gym we train the Olympic weightlifting methods to improve our clients' strength and conditioning. 

A lot of supplements do not provide thorough transparency, but Military Muscle does. 

I know exactly what I am taking and also that it doesn't include any WADA banned ingredients."

Leif, T. (Doctor) 

"I love getting out and running to keep fit, I've been using Military Muscle alongside my training program."

Chad, W. 

"Juggling a business, family and being part of the AFR means I have little time to spend on myself. I love hitting the gym but struggle sometimes to cut fat while building muscle. Military Muscle is helping me hugely. I'm steadily increasing the weights (something I haven't really done since my 20's) and I'm starting to see more definition."

Ryan, I. (Police Officer)

"Instead of wasting time on the couch after my shift, I wanted to get fitter so started hitting the local gym. In less than 3 months I have noticed a flatter stomach and my shoulders are now more pronounced, I wouldn't say I stick to a strict diet, either!"

Grant, T. 

"I've a hectic daily schedule running a business but also keeping my hand in a few sporting interests. I like to keep in shape, both physically and mentally. I have found MM test booster keeps me at the top of my game. I love it!" 

Rob, F. (Marine Veteran, Paramedic)

"I've served in both Iraq and Afghanistan over my 9 year stint in the Marines, and know the importance of keeping fit, healthy and robust.  Now I am a busy paramedic and a parent, I find it much harder to spend time in the gym, but when I do, Military Muscle helps me smash my goals."

Ian, M. (Dentist & Sports Enthusiast)

"I wanted a supplement that will enhance and compliment my work as well as my sporting activities. 

Military Muscle provides the nutrients my body needs to maintain a competitive edge." 

James, M. (Soldier)

"Being infantry means lots of miles carrying weight, so performance and recovery is key to me. So I did some research in to products and this test booster had the facts to back up the claims. Using Military Muscle has helped with my training as I can work harder and longer."

Ashley, H. (Athlete)

"My passion is playing sport. If I'm not on the field, I am in the gym. I've been using Military Muscle T-Booster to increase my strength, stamina and recovery between sessions. It really helps."

Chris, R. (Soldier)

"I love taking part in endurance events and am really keen in my overall fitness. I've represented the army in sporting events and have served in Iraq, Afghanistan as well as Africa so know how important it is to be battle ready.

Since using Military Muscle I feel much better; I recover faster and feel much more energized."

Will, H. (Teacher)

"Rowing places a lot of stress on my body, I have been using Military Muscle to help get all the nutrients I need to improve my performance."

Walter, C. (Engineer, Reservist)

"I struggle to add mass so was looking for a number of supplements to help me in the gym. Aside from a mass gainer, I opted to use Military Muscle because of the extensive ingredients. Since using it I am able to work out for longer and increase my sets. As a result I am now getting stronger".

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