What is the Best Area to Apply Testosterone Cream?

Written by Ben Bunting: BA, PGCert. (Sport & Exercise Nutrition) // British Army Physical Training Instructor // S&C Coach.


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An advised area to apply testosterone cream is around the crotch area which can help minimise the risk of transfering it on to other people which may have unwanted consequences.


You may be wondering what is the best area to apply testosterone cream.

This article will explain which areas are best for applying testosterone cream, how to apply it safely, and how to avoid side effects.

In addition, we will discuss the absorption rates of testosterone cream. After reading this article, you will be able to decide which area is right for you.

Trans-scrotal application of testosterone cream

Compared with intramuscular injections, trans-scrotal application of testosterone cream is safer and less invasive.

It increases DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, in the blood, a hormone that enhances sexual function and erectile strength. DHT is important for libido, so increasing it can significantly improve a man's sexual life.

Trans-scrotal application of testosterone cream can also be used to treat hypogonadal men.

A study conducted by the Andrology Department of Concord Hospital found that testosterone delivered via trans-scrotal application of testosterone cream is highly effective at achieving therapeutic testosterone concentrations.

The study found that symptoms of testosterone deficiency were alleviated without side effects. In addition, the trans-scrotal testosterone cream increased bioavailability eight-fold compared to that administered by non-scrotal routes.

A recent study has shown that testosterone bioavailability through scrotal skin is higher than through the abdominal skin.

A trans-scrotal application of testosterone cream has a Cmax of 16.3 nmol/L, and a mean concentration of 4.7 ng/mL.

The serum testosterone concentrations remained in the physiological range for at least 12 hours after administration. The highest dose was maintained in the physiological range for almost 24 hours.

Side effects of applying testosterone cream

While many men benefit from topical testosterone products, there are some potential side effects. Men who have certain conditions should not use them, such as liver or heart disease. 

Another common side effect is an increased urge to urinate.

While there isn't any proven link between topical testosterone and increased urination, this effect is still a concern and should be discussed with your doctor. In rare cases, blood can appear in the urine.

This is not a common symptom, but you should notify your doctor if you experience any of these symptoms. Some men experience sexual dysfunction after using topical testosterone cream, so consult with a doctor if this happens to you.

Testosterone may cause blood sugar to increase, requiring you to closely monitor your blood sugar levels.

It can also cause high blood pressure and fluid build-up in the body. These side effects may affect your sleep.

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Absorption rates of testosterone cream

The scrotum is one of the best places to apply testosterone cream, as it has a thin skin and is better able to absorb it than anywhere else on the body.

The absorption rate of testosterone cream in this area is approximately 10% higher than that of other areas of the body.

Also, because it is so thin, testosterone creams can be applied to the scrotum without fear of irritation or skin reaction.

It is important to keep in mind that testosterone cream absorbs best when applied on clean skin.

While applying this product, it is important to avoid skin-to-skin contact with other areas and to apply it in the same area every time.

You may wish to wear cotton briefs to prevent the testicles and scrotum from rubbing against your thighs which may rub the cream off. 

Applying the cream on the scrotum at night will maximize its absorption rate the following day as there will be less chance of sweating.

Have a shower/bath beforehand to ensure your scrotum is clean.

A legal, safe alternative to creams and gels

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Testosterone cream is an effective application for testosterone therapy for those with a prescribed need. 

It is less invasive than needles or shots and is absorbed particularly well around the scrotum area. 

Before application be sure to clean your crotch region, it is probably most effective to use before bed time and wear breathable but fitted underwear to avoid the cream from rubbing off on to other parts of your body. 

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