Military Muscle Ingredients

Military Muscle contains a unique, safe and natural nutrient profile which is free of any banned substances that are featured on the WADA prohibited list or those stipulated by the Department of Defense

In addition, we take the manufacturing of our product very seriously. 

That's why you will find that it is either produced in the United Kingdom where supplements are regulated under food law. Or in the US to adhere to strict legislation.

This means that they must be safe for consumption and the labels are not misleading.

Military Muscle supplements are also produced in a facility that is FDA, Global Standards for Food Safety, HACCP and BCMPA certified. 

This is not a backstreet operation in the Far East with no regulation or control. 

We wanted to ensure the highest quality and the best manufacturing processes. 

We do not hide our nutrient profile behind a proprietary blend and our product is free from any known allergens. 

Military Muscle is also suitable for vegans, vegetarians and those on a plant-based diet. There are no animal products in our supplement.

Nutritional Profile Information

Read more about the included ingredients to understand just how powerful our performance booster is...

Military Muscle testosterone booster suplement facts

Vitamin D - 99.96mcg

According to a review published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition the world's population is suffering from vitamin D deficiency. [29]

One part of the issue is that there are a lack of food sources that contain adequate vitamin D to satisfy the requirements for an adult.

It has been noted that we need around 25 mcg daily to satisfy our needs. Military Muscle provides almost 100 mcg.  

Furthermore, The Clinical Journal of the Society for Endocrinology and the Endocrine Society Australia provide evidence of a positive relationship between vitamin D and testosterone levels. [30]

The University of Loughborough state that there is 'overwhelming evidence' to reduce the impact of vitamin D deficiency in military and athletes to maintain immunity and prevent upper respiratory illnesses. They recommend supplementing with at least 1000iu of D per day.

Yet, in these uncertain times, and the rapid spread of contagious viruses, it is particularly helpful to know that there's further recommendations and evidence that vitamin D can help with healthy immune system function. 

The BMJ Journal of Investigative Medicine also state that clinical findings associate a vitamin D deficiency with low immunity and an increased risk of infection. 

The Journal of Nutrition published an article in October 2020 which outlined that those who have low levels of vitamin D and vitamin K are associated with an increase of cardiovascular disease and also an increased risk of all-cause mortality. 

It is no wonder that governmental health bodies such as Public Health England recommend that people use a supplement containing vitamin D. 

Ashwagandha - 600mg

Military Muscle contains a colossal 600mg of Ashwagandha extract, much more than its competitors. 

This is key, because 600mg has demonstrated its ability to significantly increase testosterone levels and increase muscular strength across a variety of exercises according to the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition when compared to a placebo over a 3 month period. [31]

The results are illustrated in the graph below.

 ashwagandha testosterone versus placebo


Source: J Int Soc Sports Nutr. 2015; 12: 43.

In addition, studies demonstrate that 600mg of Ashwagandha taken over a 2 month period reduced cortisol levels and all cause stress which contributed to a higher quality of life. [32]

Ashwagandha has been recognized by a publication in the North American Journal of Medical Sciences as being able to contribute towards stress reduction, improve our immunity and defense mechanisms. 

Fenugreek - 500mg

A daily 500mg dose of Fenugreek has shown to increase testosterone levels and significantly reduce body fat over a 2 month period.

This is why we provide 500mg and offer discounts on orders for a 2 month supply or more. [33]

Fenugreek is also able to increase libido levels in men which also resulted in an increase of sexual arousal and orgasm. [34]

The saponins found in fenugreek seeds are increasingly under the spotlight for their impact on stimulating the immune system and improving the effectiveness of oral vaccines according to research from the Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

A further study conducted by one of same researches discovered that fenugreek was also able to reduce menopausal symptoms in healthy women. 

Zinc - 20mg

People from the USA and the rest of the world tend to be deficient in zinc

Low levels of zinc are associated with low testosterone in men. 

A further issue is that zinc can be lost through sweating, therefore there's a higher risk of zinc deficiency for athletes, active people and those in hot climates.

Studies have demonstrated that supplementing zinc can increase testosterone. [35]

There's also further evidence from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that zinc plays a pivotal role within your immune system. Zinc helps the development and function of natural killer cells and a deficiency can leave a person more susceptible to infections.

Boron - 10mg

A daily dose of 10mg Boron has a positive effect on testosterone levels while reducing estogen (female sex hormone). [36]

Further studies have discovered that boron also reduces inflammation. [37]

Analysis of boron by the Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition reported that boron deprivation over a period of 3 weeks could have a negative effect on physical performance. 

In 1994 the Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) journal published an article that outlined boron's cognitive performance benefits and how it is an essential nutrient. 

There's an increasing amount of evidence that suggests boron to be an essential element that is influential on a number of bodily functions including the central nervous system and immune response. 

It is reported that a deficiency of boron in a persons diet could be considered a health concern. 

A daily dose of Military Muscle provides the same amount of boron as consuming 500g of broccoli florets.

Iron - 12mg

The World Health Organization reports 25% of the global population is deficient in iron. [38

Iron is required for energy metabolism and oxygen transport.

Further studies have demonstrated that those who are involved with arduous training are likely to suffer from an iron deficiency.

This response to stress can destroy red blood cells, reduce hemoglobin and your ability carry oxygen to the organs. [39]

Evidence from published scientific studies as demonstrated that iron is a fundamental element of the development of the immune system. A deficiency is said to reduce the capability of an immune system response.  

An article published in the American Journal of Physiology reported that older men who are suffering from abnormally low testosterone are also anemic.

Vitamin A - 257mcg

Vitamin A when combined with iron has demonstrated to be as effective as hormonal therapy over a 6 month treatment period. [40]

The peer-reviewed journal, Genetic Epidemiology, found that vitamin A intake is also correlated with testosterone. [41]

Further benefits of vitamin A include the normal function of the reproductive system, and the organs. 

Studies published by the Journal of Clinical Medicine in 2018 demonstrate that vitamin A promotes the inhibition of inflammation, plays a crucial role in helping improve the immune system and strengthening front line defenses of the respiratory tract.   

Vitamin K2 - 45mcg

K2 is important for steroid production in the testis and shows a positive treatment to combat testosterone decline. [42]

Also known as menaquinone, K2 is also associated with a reduced risk of Coronary Heart Disease as reported in The Journal of Nutrition. [43]

The American Journal of Epidemiology observes from data that vitamin K may reduce inflammation and the International Journal of Molecular Sciences recognizes K2 as having a role in the immune system. 

In addition, a study published in 2016 by the Journal of Human Nutrition & Food Science reviews data that suggests 97% of people are deficient in vitamin K.

Vitamin K2 is absorbed in higher amounts and have a higher biological activity that K1. [44

That is why we have only used vitamin K2 in Military Muscle, to ensure you get the most benefit.

Urtica Dioica - 360mg

Also known as stinging nettle extract, this is a proven anti-inflammatory [45], and even has evidence to prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogens. [46]

A dietary breakdown of urtica dioica has revealed that it is rich in a number of nutrients including vitamin C, potassium, calcium and protein amongst others. 

It was also discovered by a team of researchers from the Department of Urology of the Medical College of Qingdao University, that urtica diocia had a beneficial effect on benign prostatic hyperplasia and testosterone levels when 360mg was taken daily.

As such, we have included 360mg in a daily dose to ensure best effects.  

In addition, it is worth knowing that the biologically-active compounds found in this plant support immune enhancement and has been identified by the World Health Organization as a valuable herb with medicinal uses according to a report published by the Molecules journal in 2018.

Tongkat Ali - 200mg

Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) has been reported to possess anti-inflammatory, immune-regulating, anti-malarial and antiproliferative properties in cancer. Furthermore, it can reduce bone loss and be used as a substitute for TRT.

A meta-analysis and systematic review highlights the benefits of supplementing with tongkat ali which can be used to boost testosterone, especially in men with hypogonadism. 

Tongkat Ali contains quassinoids that contribute to ergogenic properties, such as increased strength, endurance and muscle mass, in addition to anxiolytic effects.

Despite the fact that it has an impact on testosterone, tongkat ali doesn't seem to have an effect on the ratio of urinary epitestosterone to testosterone, which is often used in doping analyses to detect testosterone abuse. Therefore, tongkat ali is not in violation of the international doping policy for athletes. [47]

Daily supplementation of tongkat root extract improved stress hormone profiles and mood state parameters. It may shield the body from harmful effects of chronic "modern" stress. Chronic stress can include day-today stresses, dieting and sleep deprivation as well as exercise and diet training.

Users showed significant improvements in Tension, Anger, and Confusion. Tongkat ali significantly improved the stress hormone profile of salivary cortisol (and testosterone), with a reduced exposure to cortisol, and an increased status in testosterone. [48]

200mg of tongkat ali combined with concurrent exercise has shown to improve the erectile functions and total testosterone levels of men suffering from androgen deficiency of aging males.

Mucuna Pruriens - 56mg

Research in to mucuna pruriens shows that the seeds are good for male fertility [49].

Further analysis reveals that with supplementation of mucuna pruriens, men with varying forms of fertility saw a significant increase of testosterone.  

In addition, mucuna pruriens reduces prolactin which is harmful for testosterone production, has a negative effect on libido and the ability to produce an erection. [50]

The International Journal of Pharmacology investigated other properties of mucuna pruriens and saw that it is an anti-inflammatory and has anti-bacterial benefits.

Whereas the Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy sees benefit of mucuna pruriens on the immune systems that can help in the fight against Parkinson's disease. 

Magnesium - 195mg

Magnesium is an essential element that is involved in many fundamental physiological functions of humans. Magnesium is a component of the MgATP activation complex. It's involved in pathways that generate ATP and energy, the electron transport chain, complex subunits and oxygen detoxification. 

Magnesium also acts as a cofactor for over 300 biological and enzymatic processes. This includes protein, nucleic acids, and neuromuscular excitability.

Depriving the body of magnesium is linked to increased oxygen consumption during submaximal exercises and decreased endurance performance. [53]

A 2011 study demonstrated that magnesium supplementation increases total and free testosterone in both athletes and sedentary individuals. Exercisers experience higher increases than sedentary people. [54]

Magnesium supplementation was able to significantly improve muscle power and strength in young men who participated at a 7-week strength program as outlined in a 1992 study. [55]

Potassium -  100mg

Potassium (K) is a mineral essential for athletes to achieve success. This mineral is essential for the health of humans and for many bodily processes.

This substance is essential for muscle contractions, as well as helping the body to regulate blood pressure and heart rate. [56]. It is important for nerve function and electrolyte equilibrium [57], both of which are beneficial for athletes, who sweat a lot during long practices or games [58]. Additionally, potassium can prevent injury and maintain energy levels in athletes [59].

Potassium can be a good source of energy [60]. This mineral helps reduce the amount lactic acid in muscles [61] which can lead to fatigue. It also maintains a healthy metabolic rate [62]. The enzyme is involved in breaking down carbohydrates to keep your energy up during physical exercise.

Vitamin B6 - 5mg

B6 is a water aoluble vitamin, as such it cannot be stored by the body and must be regularly replenished. 

It is important that metabolic processes provide enough energy for the cells involved during intense exercise. 

Vitamin B6 is involved in two processes: the conversion of muscle and hepatic glycogen to glucose and the deamination and gluconeogenesis of amino acids. [63]

Inadequate nutrition can cause vitamin B6 deficiencies in athletes, particularly women [64]. Vitamin B6 plays a vital role in the metabolism of homocysteine and has been linked to hyperhomocysteinemia [65]. 

Homocysteine increases in blood levels can lead to heart disease and other vascular diseases, as well as neurodegenerative and bone disorders. It would therefore be beneficial for athletes to include adequate amounts of vitamin B in their diet to reduce the risk.


Transparency garners trust and, we have nothing to hide. 

Strong doses of clean, premium and safe vegan nutrients in a plant-based capsule to help you perform your best.

Military Muscle Safety Promise 

In light of the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak we want to reassure you that Military Muscle is manufactured to the highest quality standards. 

Our product is not produced in China, nor does it contains any animal products. 

This global pandemic has highlighted the importance of quality manufacturing standards and overall hygiene. 

Certified Standards

We just want to re-iterate our promise to providing the highest quality supplement for you

As already mentioned, our supplement is manufactured in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPc) certified facilities. 

This means that they are regulated and overseen by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Auhority).

Protecting You

GMPc guidelines are in place to protect you, and ensure that your health is not put in jeopardy. 

Therefore, manufacturers have to abide by a collection of defined principles, these include:

  • Manufacturing areas must be clean and hygienic. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) must be worn: Face masks, gloves and hair nets.
  • Environment conditions must be controlled to prevent cross contamination from allergens and adulterants. Areas must be deep cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. 
  • All actions must be recorded to ensure all steps are adhered to, trace-ability and accountability is therefore guaranteed.   

Additional Steps

We don't stop there. 

Going the extra mile is what makes us different. We understand there are a lot of choices out there, but we want you to be confident in your purchase. 

  • Our bottles come in tamper proof containers. 
  • We ship with international renowned and reputable companies which include FedEx, Royal Mail, DPD and DHL.
  • Each batch is sprayed with disinfectant upon receipt to the warehouse to add an extra barrier of protection. 

Military Muscle - LEADING THE WAY 

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