Testosterone 1.62 Gel Pump Review

Written by Ben Bunting: BA, PGCert. (Sport & Exercise Nutrition) // British Army Physical Training Instructor // S&C Coach.


The male hypogonadism problem is one of the most significant and rapidly growing problems that can be treated successfully with replacement testosterone therapy.

Gels are FDA-approved and come from various brands like AndroGel; they can be applied directly to chest, arms, shoulders, or inner thighs for effective results.

Creams may also be available with a valid doctor's prescription; while some people prefer the more convenient cream solution than gels (they absorb quickly into the skin more efficiently).

Creams may be easier for use if there are young children living in your household who may come into contact with it while it absorbs. Injections might also prove more convenient.

The new formulation of testosterone (1.62%) gel has been developed. It is thicker, reduces the volume of application and increases skin penetration compared to other testosterone gels currently available.

Importance of Balanced Testosterone Levels

Testosterone (T), the male sex hormone, plays an integral part in maintaining men's health.

It regulates sperm production, muscle mass accumulation, fat distribution and mood regulation - when levels dip too low this can lead to numerous distressing symptoms and negative health outcomes.

For this reason testosterone levels must remain balanced at all stages of life.

Lower testosterone levels have received increasing attention over the years due to their potential link to health concerns such as reduced libido, body fat increase, muscle mass decrease and osteoporosis.

Male hypogonadism may also contribute. Triggering factors include age or certain medications like anti-estrogens and anti-androgens which act on androgen receptors in men's bodies.

Important to keep in mind is that an average reading of testosterone should fall between 300 and 1000 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL). Many doctors perform tests in the middle of the day when levels may peak for maximum accuracy in order to ensure patients don't fall too far below this healthy range.

Research has also demonstrated the positive benefits of testosterone supplementation on mood and sleep quality, making TRT an attractive treatment option for men with preexisting health conditions such as prostate cancer.

To minimize potential unwanted side effects, doctors should prescribe TRT only to healthy men willing to have their levels regularly checked and adjusted as necessary.

Hypogonadism Explained

Hypogonadism is a condition in which the sex glands (testes for males and ovaries for females) produce lower-than-usual hormone levels, and may be caused by any number of disorders.

Genetic ones include Turner Syndrome and Klinefelter's Syndrome as well as medical ones such as diabetes or cancer treatments like chemotherapy.

Furthermore, hypogonadism may occur as a side effect of certain drugs used for antipsychotic medication and methadone recreational drug usage.

Males suffering from low testosterone levels often experience erectile dysfunction or reduced sexual desire, cognitive decline and reduced body fat percentage and lean muscle mass, depression, an increased risk of heart attack and blood clots plus joint/muscle issues and decreased sperm production, leading to infertility;

Women affected by low estrogen levels often experience symptoms including hot flashes, vaginal dryness and loss of libido, difficulty getting pregnant and an increased risk of osteoporosis.

While often unpreventable, risk can be reduced through healthy eating and exercise habits and by maintaining an ideal weight; long-term hormone replacement therapy use may increase breast cancer risks as well as blood clot formation risks.

Hypogonadism often goes undetected due to mild symptoms, however, if you have a family history or are over 50, seeking a professional diagnosis should not be ignored.

Your healthcare provider can perform blood tests that measure total and "free" testosterone as well as pituitary gland hormones like FSH and LH.

Free testosterone tests tend to be more accurate as it takes into account that not all testosterone converts into sexual hormones in your body.

When treating genetic conditions that result in hypogonadism, treatment typically focuses on managing the underlying disease.

If you are trying to conceive and have hypogonadism as a result of medical issues, treatment could include testosterone therapy or fertility treatments.

Sometimes doctors will also administer human chorionic gonadotropin injections or FSH to stimulate puberty and sperm production.

For hormone imbalance caused by cancer treatments, doctors typically recommend estrogen therapy and progesterone patches or pills.

Alternatively if necessary after having undergone hysterectomy surgery you may need to take the estrogen pills by mouth as well.

How does TRT work?

Hypogonadism, a condition where the body doesn't produce enough testosterone naturally, is treated by using testosterone topical.

Men with hypogonadism, or low testosterone, are treated by using Testosterone. This is only done if the cause of their hypogonadism is a disorder of the pituitary (a small brain gland) or hypothalamus.

Before you start using testosterone topical, your doctor will order tests to determine if the testosterone levels are low.

Men who are experiencing low testosterone as a result of aging should not use testosterone to treat their symptoms.

The class of drugs that contains testosterone is called androgenic hormonal medications. 

Testosterone topical replaces the testosterone normally produced by the human body.

What is testosterone 1.62 Gel?

AndroGel is a topical gel for testosterone replacement therapy. Available in a meter dose pump.

AndroGel (testosterone Gel) 1% or 1.62% is a controlled substance, available only by prescription. It's used to treat male adults who are suffering from low testosterone levels due to medical conditions.

How to use testosterone gel

Topical testosterone is available as a solution and gel to be applied to the skin. The gel is applied to the skin once daily. The best time to use testosterone gel or solution is in the morning.

Apply the testosterone topical at roughly the same time each day to help you remember.

Ask your pharmacist or doctor to explain any parts you don't understand. Follow the directions on your prescription label. Use the prescribed dosage only. Do not exceed it.

The topical testosterone products are made differently and used slightly differently. Make sure you understand which brand of topical testosterone you're using, and how to apply it.

You should read the patient information provided by your manufacturer with any topical testosterone product.

You should take a shower or bath in the morning if you normally do so. Then, apply topical testosterone products after you have done this.

You can find out when to wash, shower or bathe after applying topical testosterone products in the patient information provided by the manufacturer.

Prime the pump

You will need to prime your pump before using AndroGel 1.62 % for the first use.

Push the AndroGel pump down slowly 3 times. Use only the AndroGel that is left in the pump after priming.

Do not expose others to the AndroGel 1.62% pump by washing it in the sink. Now your AndroGel pump 1.62% is ready for use. It is not necessary to prime the pump each day. Only when you first use it.

Is testosterone 1.62 Gel effective?

This 2011 study found that treatment with 1.62% of testosterone gel is safe and effective, with an acceptable percentage achieving eugonadal testosterone serum levels in hypogonadal men. 

Are there any interactions with AndroGel testosterone 1.62?

Even though certain medicines shouldn't be combined, two different medications can be taken together even if there is a chance of an interaction.

Your doctor may decide to adjust the dosage or take other precautions. It is important to let your doctor know that you are also taking the following medicines when you take this medication.

These interactions are selected based on their potential importance and are not all inclusive.

Using this medicine in conjunction with the following medications is not usually recommended, but it may be necessary in certain cases.

Your doctor may decide to change the dosage or frequency of use for both medications if they are prescribed together.

  • Anisindione
  • Bupropion
  • Dicumarol
  • Levoketoconazole
  • Methotrexate
  • Paclitaxel
  • Paclitaxel Protein-Bound
  • Phenprocoumon
  • Warfarin

If you are prescribed both medicines, your doctor may change the dose or frequency of use of one or both of them. 

Your doctor may adjust the dosage or frequency of use if both medications are prescribed.

  • Licorice

Possible risks and side effects

A medicine can also have unwanted side effects. These side effects are not always present, but if they occur then they need to be treated by a doctor.

Consult your doctor if you experience any of these side effects:

More common

  1. Blood in urine
  2. Urination problems
  3. frequent urination

Less common

  1. Bloating and swelling of the arms, legs, feet, hands or face
  2. Blurred vision
  3. Feeling faint, dizzy or lightheaded
  4. Feeling of warmth or warmth
  5. Flushing or redness, particularly on the neck and face
  6. Urination is frequent and increased or strong
  7. Nervousness
  8. Pain, swelling, or redness in the arm or legs
  9. Hearing pounding in your ears
  10. Heartbeats that are slow or rapid
  11. Sweating
  12. Breast swelling or soreness is common in both males and females
  13. Tingling in the hands or feet
  14. Unusual weight gain or loss
  15. You may wake up to urinate in the night

Unknown incidence

  1. Aggressive behavior
  2. Bluish lips or skin
  3. Chest pain
  4. Cough
  5. Testicle size decreases
  6. Development of pubic hair
  7. Breathing is difficult or laborious
  8. Dizziness or lightheadedness
  9. Enlargement of the penis or clitoris
  10. Fainting
  11. Fast heartbeat
  12. Pain, swelling, or redness in the arm or legs
  13. Penis erections that are painful or long-lasting
  14. Tightness in the chest

These side effects are usually not serious and do not require medical attention. 

These side effects can disappear during treatment, as your body gets used to the medication. 

Your healthcare provider may also be able to tell you how to reduce or prevent some of these side effects. 

More common

  1. Blemishes are a common skin condition.
  2. Burning, itching, skin rash or swelling at the application site
  3. Pimples

Less common

  1. Feelings of burning, crawling or itching, numbness and tingling, or "pins-and-needles".
  2. Lack of sexual interest
  3. Hair discoloration
  4. Dry skin
  5. False or unusual feeling of well-being
  6. Hair loss
  7. Inability to maintain or have an erection
  8. Lack of strength
  9. Loss of sexual drive, ability or performance
  10. Memory loss
  11. Paranoia
  12. Memory problems
  13. Overreacting or reacting quickly is a sign of emotional instability.
  14. Rapidly changing moods
  15. Hair loss is a common problem.

Unknown incidence

  1. Sexual drive, ability or performance increased
  2. Trouble sleeping

Some patients may experience other side effects that are not listed. Check with your doctor if you notice other side effects.

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Other considerations


It should be noted most topical TRTs are administered daily.

They show a maximum level of testosterone, between 2-4 hours after application, and then gradually decrease until the next day. This is similar to the testosterone diurnal variation.


It is important to allow 2 hours between the application of the gel and any activities such as showering or swimming. These activities may wash out the drug before it has been absorbed. 

The study looking at AndroGel 1.62% concluded that washing gel-applied skin 2 hours after application did not affect bioavailability.

On the contrary, this reduces residual testosterone in the skin and, therefore, the chances of secondary transmission are reduced.

Secondary exposure

Due to their topical use, testosterone gels can increase the risk of accidental interpersonal transfer.

This may lead to virilization among women and early puberty for children.

The risk of secondary contamination may be reduced if you make physical contact after showering or wearing clothes.

Site tolerability 

According to the data of phase III studies on Androgel, 1.62% showed that only 1.6% of patients suffered from adverse effects to the site of application.

Is there a natural alternative?

Military Muscle testosterone booster is an all-natural way to increase strength, muscle mass and overall fitness.

It was developed by a soldier living an active lifestyle who pushes himself hard during training - this was his inspiration behind creating this supplement.

This supplement is made of all-natural ingredients and has been thoroughly tested on thousands of users without any reported side effects.

It includes 14 vitamins, minerals and extracts which have been shown to restore hormone balance and help your body work at peak performance.

Zinc has been proven to increase testosterone levels and strengthen your immune system, while also acting as an anti-inflammatory and relieving stress.

Stinging Nettle Root Extract: Packed full of vitamins and minerals, Stinging Nettle Root Extract has also been found to enhance absorption rates in athletes' bodies that have become depleted from intense workouts or rigorous training regimes.

Boron is another mineral used to produce testosterone and other hormones, as well as to reduce stress relief and improve sleep quality. It may even offer stress relief and improved restful night's rest.

All ingredients included in this formula have been carefully chosen based on extensive research and clinical trials, to deliver maximum results with minimum side effects at an attractive price point for an elite testosterone booster product.

Ideal for soldiers and non-soldiers alike looking to boost performance. 


There is a need for testosterone gels that are local-tolerable, with quick absorption and an application method that is easy to use.

This will not only deliver a precise dose, but also limit the risk of secondary exposure.

The clinical review of AndroGel testosterone 1.62% has demonstrated that overall it is a safe and useful treatment to restore testosterone levels.

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