Testicle Massage Benefits For Testosterone Production

by Benjamin Bunting BA(Hons) PGCert

ben bunting BA(Hons) PgCert Sport & Exercise Nutriton  Written by Ben Bunting: BA(Hons), PGCert. Sport & Exercise Nutrition. L2 Strength & Conditioning Coach.


Have you heard that massaging your testicles could increase testosterone secretion? It's also been touted to boost sperm and semen production, and increase sensitivity in the scrotum. You may be wondering how to get started! Read on to see whether we think you should start massaging your gonads.

Massaging may increase testosterone production

It is widely acknowledged that having a healthy testosterone level is essential for sexual health and vitality. Like with tissue massage, testicle massage may have a number of benefits, including increased blood circulation, clearance of chi points, and potentially hormone production.

Although it might seem uncomfortable, you should not feel any pain during the process. While some men do experience slight pressure during the massage, it's typically short-lived and transient. 

So, what's the evidence?

A 1993 study that was published by the Archives of Andrology journal found that mechanical compression may result in a rise of testosterone. This was using a mechanical pneumatic cuff, something you wouldn't like to get wrong!

Unfortunately, we couldn't find any more evidence from reputable sources other than that one study. If massaging your testicles was truly effective, it would probabaly certain that there wouldn't be any shortage of voluteers to help with further study.

Considering there's a lack of evidence to suggest that it is effective, it's probabaly safe to say that this isn't a quick and easy way to improve your testosterone production. 

Does it increases sperm and semen production?

It is surmised that testicle massaging can enhance ejaculation, while improving the quality of sperm and semen.

However, sperm count is affected by genetics, diet, and lifestyle factors. Despite this, there is no proof that testicular massage has any measurable effect on sperm count.

Aside from its alledged sperm-boosting benefits, testicle massage may also improves urinary tract health.  A massage may also improve sexual health and helps you detect any lumps that may be present.

Will it increase sensitivity of the scrotum?

Tantrikas were vocal about their proclaimed benefits of testicle massage. They believed that it had major effects on the circulation of sexual energy and abundance of sex hormones. 

However, there isn't any conclusive evidence that suggests testicle massaging improves or increases the sensitivity of the scrotum. 

Are there any conclusive benefits?

The Amercian Cancer Society estimates that 1 in every 250 males will develop testicular cancer in their lives. 

In addition, Cancer Research UK state that nearly all men survive the disease with 95% of survivors living for 5 years after diagnosis and 90% suriving for 10 years post diagnosis. 

Early diagnosis is key, and will dramatically help your survival rate. 

The easiest way to do this is by self examination, and the best time to do this is after a bath or a shower as the scrotum skin is the most relaxed and soft.

You can do this by checking each testicle at a time. Slowly massage each testicle and see if you can feel or identify any lumps or pea sized bumps. 


So, does massaging your testicles offer any benefit towards testosterone production?

It is unlikely. There's very little available evidence, and the only positive outcome was one study which used pneumatic sleeves to apply pressure to each testicle. 

In fact there's very little evidence that testicle massaging will improve sexual function or sperm health. 

However, massaging your testicles may help identify symptoms that could be testicular cancer. 

Remember, the rates of testicular cancer are high, but so is the survival rate, you just need to get it diagnosed as early as possible, and checking your testicles for unusal lumps on a regular basis could save your life. 

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