Ejaculation and Testosterone

Ejaculation and Testosterone

Written by Ben Bunting: BA, PGCert. (Sport & Exercise Nutrition) // British Army Physical Training Instructor // S&C Coach.

We men should know the importance of testosterone. Our testosterone levels are responsible for our masculinity, from our ability to build muscle mass and sexual well-being. 

Many factors affect serum testosterone levels, including sexual activities, which leads us to ask... 

Do masturbation and testosterone affect each other? 

Please don't fret, we've already done all the research for you. Continue reading to learn how masturbation can affect testosterone levels, according to medical professionals. 

Why is testosterone important? 

It is important to know your testosterone level. This can affect everything from sex desire, energy, and body hair, as well as mood. 

Testosterone may be associated with teenage puberty, gym gains and strong libidos; but its purpose goes far beyond this. The androgen hormone is responsible for many essential body functions for males including producing healthy sperm production and healthy erections as well as encouraging muscle growth, fat-burning during exercise, maintaining bone density and managing heart health.

An absence of testosterone can bring on numerous ailments, from erectile dysfunction and reduced sexual desire, fatigue and low blood pressure to impacting red blood cell production and increasing your risk for a heart attack or stroke.

Testosterone is produced in the body by Leydig cells found in both male testes and ovaries.

However, its presence can be found throughout. Peripheral organs produce testosterone; its levels peak during puberty before declining with age to the extent that one out of every five men over 60 experience low testosterone or hypogonadism and require therapy in order to restore these levels. Testosterone replacement therapy aims to bring those levels back up again.

Last year, researchers released the initial results of their Testosterone Trials studies in the New England Journal of Medicine.

While this research focused on efficacy rather than long-term benefits, its findings were promising: testosterone treatments increased sperm counts while also increasing mid-normal range blood testosterone levels and improving all aspects of sexual function; additionally it enhanced cardiovascular health boosting distance walkable in six minutes as well as decreasing depression symptoms among participants.

You can say with certainty that your testosterone level is affected by sexual activity. But what about an orgasm induced by masturbation? Take a look...

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Do sexual stimuli increase testosterone?

We must examine sexual desire first, and then testosterone levels. Your T level is highly related to your sex desire. It is known that testosterone levels increase during sexual activity. This can be through masturbation or foreplay, as well as intercourse. 

An abrupt increase in testosterone can cause negative side effects such as aggression and promote muscle growth. 

When we discuss these effects, we are not talking about the immediate short-term results of sexual activity. The result is a long-term increase in testosterone. 

Let's return to the business at hand. 

What is the connection between testosterone and a masturbation-induced orgasm?

Sexual Activity and Low Testosterone 

Sexual activity, such as intercourse, may boost testosterone, but what about when you are enjoying some me-time? 

The answer to the question unfortunately isn't a yes-or-no. Some studies do not agree that masturbation may reduce testosterone. However, ejaculation is known to cause biochemical changes that can be similar to low levels of testosterone. 

It's also important to keep in mind that testosterone is directly linked to the male sexual drive. After orgasm, testosterone levels in men return to normal. 

Low testosterone can cause confusion in terms of symptoms. Men may feel the following symptoms after ejaculating: 

  • Lethargy or sleepiness
  • Apathy or depression - Changes in mood
  • Motivation Reduced

It is easy to think that your testosterone level has dropped after masturbation or sex, as symptoms are very similar. 

Can masturbation reduce testosterone?

People often suspect masturbation is linked to low testosterone because excessive masturbation or porn can cause sexual dysfunction, erectile malfunction or premature ejaculation. 

Excessive masturbation can increase the risk of erectile disorder (ED) in men, similar to how they practice edging to prolong sexual activities. Ejaculation is often hurried during self-pleasure. This makes it hard to stay in bed longer with your partner. 

Low testosterone can have many negative effects, regardless of age. One is erectile disorder. When testosterone is increased, ejaculating without increasing the level of testosterone can be beneficial. 

What are the benefits and dangers of masturbation

Masturbation by humans is completely normal and healthy. It can also provide other benefits such as: 

  • Stress Relief
  • Reduce sexual tension
  • Feel better?
  • Relaxation is a great way to unwind
  • Sleeping better is more enjoyable
  • You can learn about your sexual desires
  • You can improve your sexual life
  • Relief from cramps

As we have already mentioned, excessive masturbation can lead to sexual anxiety and erectile problems. Ejaculation can be rushed when you go it alone. This could affect your ability to perform in bed. It's also important to know that masturbation does not cause hair loss or other problems, as many people may believe. 

However, masturbating too much can have negative psychological effects on your testosterone. Some men may feel bad about masturbating, leading to depression and anxiety. This may then lead to low levels of testosterone. 

Does sexual abstinence improve athletic performance?

Abstaining ejaculation can increase performance when combined with weight-loss or muscle-gain techniques. 

Studies have revealed that ejaculation does not correlate with testosterone levels, except for a short spike between the 6th and 8th day of abstinence. Some studies show that the testosterone level may even decrease after several weeks. 

It's a fact that masturbation will not hinder you in the gym, but it can reduce your energy level to perform an intensive workout. 

According to current research, testosterone levels are highest a week following your last ejaculation. It could help you improve your athletic performance if you plan a workout or a competition around this period. 

Can ejaculation have these negative effects?

It is not surprising that if you masturbate frequently, you might perform differently in your bedroom or gym. The majority of 'side-effects' can be attributed to masturbation. An occasional "me time" is unlikely to have any side effects. 

If you ejaculate during the week prior to the spike in testosterone, the clock will reset and the benefits won't be felt until after another week. 

Long-term abstinence is better than short-term abstinence

Many people are divided on whether long-term or short-term withdrawal is better for your health. 

There isn't enough research on human beings to determine the long or short-term effects of abstinence.

 Both people and scientists report that short-term and long-term abstinence have different effects.

Do you suffer from low testosterone?

Men with low testosterone can experience a variety of symptoms, such as: 

  • Low muscle mass
  • Reduced strength and endurance
  • Reduce facial and body hair
  • mood disturbances
  • erectile dysfunction
  • Memory loss or difficulty concentrating
  • Sleeping Problems
  • Osteoporosis


There are many studies that show a connection between masturbation, and the testosterone level. However, more research is needed. In terms of sexual function, the role played by testosterone is important. 

There is still a great deal of confusion about whether masturbation increases or decreases testosterone. Current medical studies have simply not come to a conclusion. 

In some online communities and studies, men who refrain from masturbating report improvements in their overall health. We believe this is not just testosterone. 

Some men may find that abstinence from sexual activity is beneficial, but it will have a different effect on others. Excessive pleasure may have an impact on your sexual performance, but having the odd masturbation-induced orgasm can be healthy. The act of masturbation will not affect your testosterone level. 

Increase testosterone safely 

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