Does Oyster Extract Boost Testosterone?

Does Oyster Extract Boost Testosterone?

Written by Ben Bunting: BA, PGCert. (Sport & Exercise Nutrition) // British Army Physical Training Instructor // S&C Coach.


Oysters are considered to be a powerful aphrodisiac for centuries. Oysters are full of nutrition and are considered a delicious delicacy. 

This food is used by many pharmaceutical companies in the manufacture of supplements due to its link to increased testosterone and health. 

This article will explain the benefits and the science behind this particular nutrient. What we will cover: 

  • What is an oyster?
  • Health benefits and nutritional profile
  • What oysters do to testosterone, sexual performance and libido

What Are Oysters?

The oyster is a saltwater mollusc that belongs to the same family of mussels and scallops. Someinteresting points:

  • Not all species of Ostreoidae are edible. 
  • The bivalve shell has two parts that hinge. 

Oysters as a food are a treat. Oysters can be served raw or cooked, and they are usually eaten along with champagne or caviar. 

The texture is similar to jelly. They have a salty, smooth taste. But they're certainly not for everyone. 

This is where the extract comes in handy - it provides all the health benefits, without any of the unpleasant taste or texture. 

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Oyster extract

The health benefits of oyster extract are derived from the actual animal. This is basically a dried meat that has all its nutritional value intact. 

The number of health benefits that it offers makes this supplement a favorite among athletes, bodybuilders and other health-conscious individuals. 

A huge nutrient profile

The oyster is one of the healthiest marine foods that you can eat. Low in calories, they pack a punch of fats and proteins with relatively few carbohydrates. 

The oysters contain all the daily vitamin B12 recommended and also high amounts of other nutrients: 

  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin C
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Selenium

The best zinc you can find is in the seafood. Although different farming techniques affect the amount of zinc, you may be able to get 1,000% of the daily value of zinc from just a single standard serving. 

The key point: Oysters provide more than your recommended daily intake of zinc and vitamin B12. 

Testosterone is the King of hormones

The Leydig cells in the testes produce a natural hormone called testosterone. 

This hormone is responsible for many of the characteristics that make you a male - anabolic as well as androgenic. 

The Anabolic hormone helps to build muscle, boosts strength and increases protein synthesis.

Androgenic: chiseled jawline, broad shoulders, and an assertive, strong personality.

Testes produce a large amount of testosterone when you hit puberty. The level of testosterone remains high throughout your 20s, but starts to drop as you reach your 30s - around 1% a year. 

If you are not careful, low testosterone levels can cause an increase in abdominal fat, loss of muscle and change your motivation, drive and energy. 

Zinc and Testosterone Relationship

Zinc has over 300 metabolic functions in the human body. 

Zinc and testosterone have been linked in numerous studies. Not only in rats but also in humans. 

In one study, 32 cyclists were used to measure the effect of zinc on exercise. A group of 32 road cyclists were given 20 mg zinc daily for four weeks, and then asked to participate in intensive exercise. 

The cyclists' free testosterone levels increased significantly after 4 weeks. 

A study that involved over 55 footballers with good training also showed similar results [2]. 

Researchers observed a large increase in strength and power in the muscles with 30mg of testosterone over an eight-week period. 

Zinc is known to increase testosterone in several studies. 

You can still reap the benefits of these products.

In the past few years the oyster went from being a food that was considered to be spiritual and godlike, into something which has been studied in a laboratory. 

We know more now about the subject than ever before. 

Oyster extract isn't just for increasing androgens. 

It also enhances your libido

A high testosterone level can boost your sexual drive and libido. 

The testosterone will increase libido even though oysters do not directly boost it. 

Improves well-being

If you need any other reason to include oyster extract in your diet, Japanese researchers found that adding the extract to a depressed group's diet helped boost mood, energy, and immune function. 

Long considered an aphrodisiac and libido boosting food, oyster extract is a popular choice. 

Research is showing that this can have a positive impact on your testosterone level, your sexual performance, and your overall health. 

This is a fantastic addition to any supplement collection and an absolute must for those who want to safely raise their testosterone levels. 


No matter your taste preference, oysters are an incredibly nutritious food source. Low in calories but high in protein content makes oysters an ideal food choice for anyone trying to build muscle mass; furthermore they are an outstanding source of zinc - one of the essential minerals necessary for testosterone production.

Oysters have long been considered an aphrodisiac food, particularly among men. But does eating oysters actually boost testosterone levels or is there just an anecdotal association between it and sexual attraction?

A 2015 study on aphrodisiac foods demonstrated this possibility.

Oysters' aphrodisiac effects are due to their zinc content, an essential mineral for both men and women alike. Zinc helps produce testosterone, so low levels may lower libido and sexual function - adding more zinc into your diet through oysters or testosterone booster supplements will help get back into "the zone".

Oyster benefits for testosterone also include their ability to reduce blood pressure.

Rich in potassium, magnesium and iron - three essential ingredients that work together to promote circulation and oxygenation - oysters have long been touted for their beneficial effects in helping the body burn fat more quickly while building muscle at an increased rate; plus they've even been known to aid anemia sufferers by stimulating red blood cell production.

As an added benefit, oysters contain high concentrations of Vitamin D - another vital nutrient for testosterone production and release.

Vitamin D plays a vital role in producing Leydig cells which produce testosterone steroid hormone, responsible for sexual drive, erectile function and overall libido.

If your Vitamin D intake falls short, increasing it through seafood such as oysters or supplements such as TestoGen can give your libido a significant boost.

Military Muscle

Military Muscle contains a powerful 10 mg zinc per serving. 

  • Military Muscle is a cutting-edge supplement that can: 
  • Feel invigorated in the bedroom and full of energy.
  • Increase muscle mass - increase strength, smash your personal records and gain pure slabs.
  • Improve your stamina, endurance and drive

Packed full of testosterone-boosting nutrients such as D-aspartic acid, magnesium and vitamin D3, this all-natural supplement will let you take your progress to the next level. 

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