Nitric Oxide and Testosterone

Nitric Oxide and Testosterone

Written by Ben Bunting: BA, PGCert. (Sport & Exercise Nutrition) // British Army Physical Training Instructor // S&C Coach.


The body's most important substance is nitric oxide (NO). 

The goal is to improve the blood flow and lower your blood pressure. It also helps to support your immune and ensures that oxygen and nutrients reach every part of your body. 

Anyone who wants to improve or maintain their health overall, their recovery after exercise, or their sexual health should take this advice seriously. 

This article will discuss how to naturally increase the level of nitric-oxide in your body. 

  • Nitric oxide: health benefits
  • Nitric Oxide: How to increase Nitric Oxide naturally
  • Best foods rich in nitric acid
  • What foods can reduce Nitric Oxide?
  • Conclusion


Testosterone is a sex hormone produced by your gonads or, for women, ovaries. As a primary androgen it stimulates male sexual characteristics and muscle growth.

Most testosterone production occurs in testicles while adrenal glands produce precursor dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).

Testosterone not only has anabolic properties which aid muscle growth but it can also boost sperm count while increasing libido.

Researchers have recently discovered that L-arginine, the precursor to nitric oxide production, enhances natural testosterone production by raising endothelial nitric oxide levels - thus encouraging healthy testicular testosterone production - as well as increasing Leydig cell cGMP levels, which stimulate testosterone synthesis.

The Health Benefits of Nitric Oxide (NO)

You probably have a question about why it is important to improve your NO levels. 

Your body makes nitric oxide, a vital substance. It is used by your body in many different processes. One of the most significant ones being that it aids the dilation of blood vessels. 

Nitric Oxide, or NO as it is also known, opens your blood vessels and improves blood flow while reducing pressure. 

What's the big deal about dilation of your blood vessels? Well, quite a lot! 

Exercise harder for longer

Multiple studies show that increased NO levels may help you exercise more effectively. 

Increased Nitric Oxide levels and enlarged blood vessels allow more oxygen and blood to reach your muscles, allowing them to perform better. 

This will increase your endurance and performance. 

It's also been proved with athletes. From cyclists to kayakers, everyone has improved their performance. 

Prevent muscle soreness

You've probably all been there. After a hard workout at the gym, the next morning you are unable to move. 

It's called delayed-onset muscular soreness (DOMS), and is a natural but perhaps the most painful part of exercising. 

It has been proven that reducing muscle pain by increasing your Nitric Oxide levels can help. 

While study results vary, it is believed that opening your blood vessels allows your body to better deliver the nutrients necessary for recovery. It also helps to remove waste products from physical activity such as ammonia and lactate. 

Reduce your blood pressure

You're sick of hearing your doctor tell you to check your blood pressure every time you go for an annual check-up? 

Increasing nitric-oxide levels can lower blood pressure. 

It's a simple fact that high blood pressure can be caused by narrowing blood vessels. By opening these vessels up, you will lower your blood pressure. 

A healthy blood pressure level reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke and kidney diseases. Men, heart health is important! 

Heart health 

You might become a bit more intelligent

Improved blood flow to the brain can also improve mental performance. You can fuel your brain with more energy and oxygen by increasing the blood flow. 

It can improve concentration and prevent forgetfulness, as well as potentially improve symptoms of dementia. 

The brain consumes over 25 percent of your oxygen intake. Improving blood flow through NO has some remarkable effects. 

This makes it much easier to get an Erection

Improving your sexual life. Not all guys get an erection when there is a strong breeze. 

Blood flow is the main reason why men have trouble getting an erection. The men aren't able to get enough blood in their penis. 

Numerous studies have shown that supplementing with L-citrulline increases your natural production of nitric Oxide. 

It also improves the blood flow, which makes it easier for you to achieve an erection. It's a natural alternative to Viagra, and is much better for your sexual life. 

By increasing your NO level, you can relax the muscles of the penis and allow the chambers to fill up with blood. This will result in super-stiff erections. 

Nitric oxide may even help people manage type 2 diabetes

People with diabetes have difficulty producing their own Nitric Oxide, leading to poor health of the blood vessels. 

Diabetes can cause kidney disease, high blood pressure and heart problems. 

There is not enough evidence to make a definitive statement at this time. The research was either animal studies, or small numbers of diabetic patients. 

If you are concerned about your diabetes, I suggest you consult a medical professional. 

You get it? The health benefits of improving blood circulation are enormous. Nitric oxide can be increased in the blood to help with this. 

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How to Increase Nitric Oxide Naturally

You can also increase your nitric-oxide levels in a few other ways. 


Increase your consumption of antioxidants. 

The antioxidants help disarm the free radicals or rogues electrons that can harm nitric oxygen. You can boost the amount of Nitric Oxide in your body by eliminating free radicals. 


L-Arginine is an essential amino acid, but it's not necessary to consume. 

Some people cannot produce enough amino acids to stay in shape. 

It's important to consume plenty of L-arginine as it is involved directly in the production nitric dioxide. 


L-citrulline, another amino acid. As long as your diet is balanced and healthy, you should be able make enough L-citrulline for yourself. 

When you convert L-arginine to nitric dioxide, your body creates L citrulline. 

Mouthwash containing alcohol isn't recommended

You might be surprised to learn that mouthwash is not recommended. 

No one likes bad breath, but mouthwashes that are full of toxic substances and alcohol can actually reduce the production of nitric oxygen. 

The mouthwash kills the bacteria that is necessary to produce nitric dioxide. 

You can also use mouthwashes that are alcohol free or more natural. 


Exercise can improve your results, but it also increases the production of nitric oxygen in your body. 

Exercise increases the function of endothelium (the walls of our arteries for us regular folk), which is involved in producing nitric oxygen. 

Healthy eating

Eating healthily is the final step. The easiest, most safe, and reliable way to increase your nitric-oxide levels is to consume a variety of foods. 

Be sure to eat a diet that is rich in nitric dioxide, like leafy greens or citrus fruits, before taking excessive amounts of antioxidants. 

We'll look in more detail at the foods you can add to your diet that will improve your nitric-oxide levels. 

Nitric oxide is found in many foods 

Nitric Oxide Foods: The Best Nitric Oxide Foods

Diet is the most effective and safest way to boost nitric-oxide levels in your body. Ten of the best foods for nitric oxygen are listed below. 


The beet is often considered one of the top nitric-oxide foods. These foods are rich in dietary nitrates that your body can directly use to produce nitric oxygen. 

The results of a study on beet-juice consumption were astounding: in less than one hour, the subjects experienced a 21 percent increase in NO levels. 


Garlic is another popular food that can boost NO. This is because it activates an enzyme responsible for helping convert L-arginine to NO. 


There's no question that eating red meat can boost your NO. 

Meat and poultry contain coenzymeQ10 which has been shown to boost levels of nitric oxygen. 


Chocolate, one of the most popular foods in the world, has many health benefits. 

It's also great at bringing the body to a healthy level of Nitric Oxide. 

Leafy Greens 

Get your greens! They are not only rich in nutrition, they also can help you produce more nitric oxygen. You can boost nitric oxygen by eating foods like cabbage, spinach and kale. 

Citrus fruits 

Oranges and grapefruits contain vitamin C. This powerful antioxidant can help boost the body's absorption of the nitric-oxide. 

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps to eliminate free radicals, which can interfere with nitric oxygen. 


Another great food full of antioxidants is the pomegranate. They can help to protect nitric oxygen from damage. 


They're also great sources of arginine. Arginine, as we have discussed before is essential for the production of nitric dioxide. 


It is known that a source of L-citrulline is one of most powerful sources. This amino acid helps to aid the body in synthesising nitric oxygen. 

Red Wine 

It's not a good idea to drink a lot of alcohol with the goal of improving health. However, a few glasses of wine in the evening will help boost your body's nitric-oxide levels. 

The majority of studies were done in laboratory conditions, so be very cautious of adding wine to your daily routine. 

What foods can reduce Nitric Oxide?

There aren't many foods that can lower your nitric-oxide levels. 

However, high cholesterol levels can decrease nitric oxygen, which is why it is a good idea not to eat foods that increase bad cholesterol (HDL). 

You should also avoid deep-fried or trans-fat foods. 

As long as your diet contains foods that boost nitric oxide, you shouldn't have any trouble producing NO. 


There are many supplements on the market claiming to improve libido, increase testosterone, or treat erectile dysfunction; many are fake products while some can actually work.

One such legit product is Nitric Oxide (NO), which has proven essential in helping maintain healthy testosterone levels and blood flow - essential factors when it comes to both sexual performance and exercise performance. 

NO is produced naturally in your blood and encourages blood vessels to open wider for improved blood flow - essential in both sexual performance as well as exercise performance.

Furthermore, NO helps regulates your blood pressure so is frequently included as an ingredient in medications prescribed to treat ED. 

Diet, exercise and the consumption of L-citrulline and vitamin C-rich foods like red meat, poultry, fish, nuts, seeds and whole grains all work to increase nitric oxide production. 

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