Private Label Nutrition Supplements

Written by Ben Bunting: BA, PGCert. (Sport & Exercise Nutrition) // British Army Physical Training Instructor // S&C Coach.


Private label vitamins and supplements offer an easy entrance into the booming supplement industry. 

We take a quick look into what they are, and who benefits. 

What are Private Label Supplements?

You may have heard of them, or even seen them being advertised on search engines.

One thing is for sure. Military Muscle is not a private or white label sports supplement.

In this article we shall cover the following areas:

  • What is a private/white label supplement?
  • Who manufactures private label supplements?
  • Why are private label supplements manufactured?
  • Who are private label supplements for?
  • Who benefits from private label supplements?
  • Is Military Muscle a private label supplement?
  • Conclusion

What is a Private/White Label Fitness Supplement?

Private label (or sometimes referred to as a white label) sports supplements are a pre-made formula that is available for anyone or any company to buy from a manufacturer. 

Because the formula is readily available, it makes it easy for individuals to create their own brand and enter the market.

It can be produced easily and quickly with nothing more than a label being required.

However, this does come with many shortfalls, while the benefits are really limited to the manufacturer and the brands buying the product for re-sale.

Who Manufactures Private Label Supplements?

A quick search online resulted in page after page of different vitamin and herbal supplement manufacturers from around the world.

All of the manufacturer's offered services to produce multiple products for companies who wish to then place their label and branding on the bottle.

In some cases, these manufacturers have their own products available for sale. They have their own branding and supply.

They then use their expertise and production facilities to manufacture goods on behalf of other companies.

Why are Private Label Supplements Manufactured?

Put simply, ease and profit.

Let's not forget, the fitness, health, and wellness industry is booming.

It is a market that is currently worth (in 2019) nearly $175 billion. [1]

Further statistics also show that 77% of adults in the USA take dietary supplements. [2]

Private label supplements give people and companies and easy way of establishing their brand and bringing products to the market place.

In fact, when you look on the website of those manufacturers of private label supplements one of the key selling points is they give you the opportunity to easily and simply release a product on to the market.

These manufacturers are a 'one-stop-shop'.

They can help with everything from label design, product formulation, delivery, and even fulfillment.

This is essentially the rise of private label supplements dropshipping.

The client will never see the product. There aren't any overheads or other associated costs.

With a known formula in place, manufacturing times can be quick.

The materials are a known quantity and the manufacturer can get better rates for them as they will buy in larger quantities.

These savings can then be passed on to the client.

Furthermore, due to the manufacturer producing large quantities for a potentially large client base, customers do not have to adhere to a minimum order.

This can make it more cost-effective and offer less risk for a new brand starting out.

>Military Muscle is the natural and effective alternative to private label suplements!

Who are Private Label Sports Supplements for?

private label supplement risks

Companies that want to easily and quickly bring their products to the market without needing to spend time and money on extensive research.

As already mentioned, private label supplements allow brands to enter the industry with little risk or financial outlay.

A ready-made product is available to them in small quantities.

All they need is a label, and this can be provided by the manufacturer.

You can see clone supplements with different labels and brand names all over Amazon and other online market places.

The nutrient profile is exactly the same, but prices can vary dramatically. 

What's the Pros and Cons of Private Label Nutritional Supplements?

In essence, the pros benefit the manufacturer and the brand wishing to bring their own branded product to the market.

Potentially that can mean that the end-user and customer suffer.

However, let's run through them now.


  • There's very little risk for the brand.
  • Short development times.
  • One-stop-shop service. From product formulation, label design, print, and even fulfillment.
  • Facilities are ready to produce supplements with all the safety certifications and accreditations in place.
  • Cost-effective for the brand.
  • Wide range of supplements available and a wide range of established delivery methods, such as gummies, powders, capsules, tablets.
  • Alternative recipes and raw materials available such as vegan to target a wider range of audiences.
  • Order numbers can be flexible, usually low minimum rates.
  • Potentially cheaper for the end-user.
  • The brand can tap into the latest market trends.


  • The product is going to be a clone of many other brands already available.
  • The customer suffers from a lack of development and progress within the industry.
  • If the brand and company aren't investing time, effort, and money into the product are they bothered about the customer?
  • The market is flooded with products that provide the same or similar results, this saturation may cause a reduction in consumer confidence.
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Is Military Muscle a Private Label Fitness Supplement?


Prior to releasing our product and brand to the market, we were involved in over 3 years worth of market and product analysis.

We consulted fitness product reviewers to get a full rounded knowledge base of the current supplement market, particularly for testosterone boosters and muscle builders.

Within these 3 years, we compiled and completed our own, in house research and development of nutrients.

This involved testing on volunteers who are in the armed forces and athletes.

We established what nutrients would work, what the best doses were, and how long our product would need for the best results.

Then careful consideration was given to the final formula.

The daily dose was a result of in-depth research as was the bottle size, even of the capsule size and color (see our article regarding capsule colorings here).

Then we wanted to explore the possibility of veggie capsules which we introduced at a later date. 

As you can see we wanted to bring the best possible supplement to the market that can really help our customers.

Where else can this testing be done that provides important feedback other than that from professional military personnel and athletes?

They lead arduous lives, where their bodies are subject to grueling fitness regimes as well as being involved in highly stressful situations that test their physical and cognitive capabilities.

Further research and importance were equally placed on other areas that were not specifically to increase natural testosterone production.

This is why there are 11 ingredients, 6 capsules, and 3850mg per daily serving.

We wanted to cram as much benefit into our product as we could, and as was physically possible within the production parameters.

We also had to ensure that we didn't include any banned substances, either.

Proven Doses

It is why we include a daily dose of 600mg of ashwagandha and 500mg of fenugreek in our supplement. 

That's because after a thorough investigation we knew that the specific daily dose of ashwagandha at 600mg was beneficial for a variety of areas such as muscle recovery and testosterone secretion. [3]

In addition, 500mg of fenugreek is also included because it has been proven in studies to increase muscle strength and improve body composition. [4]

This practice was continued throughout with every single ingredient, only proven doses are included. 

In the end, we could not fit any more nutrients in. We've maxed the capsule capacity.

Not content there, we didn't want to hide our formulation behind a 'proprietary blend'. 

We are completely transparent, so you can trust what we are providing. 

Furthermore, the founder of the brand (Ben) is involved in many sporting and physical pursuits.

He is a reserve soldier and participates in various sporting activities. He is also 35 and has played rugby since the age of 7.

Ben started weightlifting in his late teens but had an interest from as young as 9 when he would read bodybuilding magazines with his best friend at the time, Dave.

It wasn't until Ben was about 24 that he started buying and learning about supplements to enhance his performance in the gym and on the rugby field.

As time has marched on, Ben recognized that continuing with sports and training was becoming more difficult and was unsatisfied with many products on offer.

This was and is the motivation to develop an effective product that can help enhance muscle development, endurance, and recovery.

He uses Military Muscle himself and trialed many formulations alongside other research professionals and participants. 

Lots of time and energy has been placed into Military Muscle, and only when Ben was satisfied people could benefit that it was finally released to the global market.

No half measures, no shortcuts, no clones, or ready-made formulas to stick a label on.

It is a truly unique product, using the best nutrients and manufacturing processes.

This means you get a product that has been tried and tested, has no allergens, adheres to strict manufacturing processes and safety regulations.

The team at Military Muscle is also keen on lessening the impact on the environment. The packaging is from sustainable sources and can be recycled.


We have learned what a private label supplement is, who manufacturers' them, why they are available, and who benefits from them.

In addition, we also know that Military Muscle is not a private label supplement as well as a bit of insight behind why Military Muscle was born.

To conclude, private label supplements are available to help brands bring a new product to the market with minimum risk or financial outlay.

While there are some excellent benefits for the brands, it can potentially dilute a market that can become saturated with similar products all with an identical nutrient profile.

This can have wider implications for the industry as a whole, and not benefit the end-user.

On balance it could be suggested that private label supplements benefit brands and the manufacturing companies more than the end-user who has fewer choices while not benefiting from rigorous product development.







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