How to use your Military Muscle Supplement

Written by Ben Bunting: BA, PGCert. (Sport & Exercise Nutrition) // British Army Physical Training Instructor // S&C Coach.


You may be thinking about purchasing Military Muscle or you may have even bought it, you could have purchased another similar product and you're looking to get the most from it too – well, look no further, we are here to help


Okay, if you have bought another product we have no idea what's in it and if it is  effective(!), but our guide is what's recommend with our product, and its aim is to help anyone looking to optimize performance.


So read on if you want to position yourself to improve your anabolism and reap the rewards of your efforts.  

Military Muscle User Directions

A daily dose is 3 capsules. The recommendation is to spread these out over the duration of the day. 


For instance, you should take one around breakfast time, one at lunch and one in the evening. 


The daily dose is very important. Please do not alter the dose by taking more or less capsules than directed because there is good, credible evidence-based reasons for the amounts of each ingredient that we have included.


For instance, clinical research has found that 500mg of Fenugreek or 600mg of Ashwagndha per day is effective at increasing T-levels, reducing fat and improving strength. 


This means you have to take those daily amounts that we have included within your 3 (vegan friendly) capsules for it to be beneficial. 


Therefore, if you only take 1 capsule per day, it won't help you reach your goals. 


This all sounds great, and it is. We're very thorough regarding our research. So if 500mg and 600mg are good, you may think doubling up will be even better. 


Just stick to the instructions and be sure that you don't take less or more as directed. 


It is also key to remember that this is not a steroid, a steroid provides synthetic steroid hormones whereas Military Muscle helps fill any nutrient deficiencies and stimulate your natural testosterone production. It also contains essential nutrients that your body needs.


That's because studies have shown that nutrient deficiencies are linked to hormone imbalance. Furthermore, it has been reported that over 90% of veterans were being prescribed testosterone replacement therapy incorrectly due to acquired conditions that a change of laifestyle may have rectified. 


Avoid following the path of social media figures who indulge in huge 'cheat day' treats or post pictures of high calorie, high fat fast foods which will not help those looking to gain natural lean muscle. 


The key is to consistently eat healthy clean foods packed with a variety of nutrition. This will enhance your results and compliment your supplement. 


It is also worthwhile trying to eat as many plant based sources of protein as possible. 


We are not saying don't eat meat, fish or dairy products because balance is key (unless you follow a certain diet), but instead of loading up constantly on meats look for other sources that can be beneficial towards your cardiovascular health which can result in you acheiving a higher V02max


Take a look at the image below which can offer a simple guide of food choices.

nutrition guide for increasing testosterone


Another question you may have about Military Muscle is how long you should take it for. 


Unlike steroids, our supplement does not need to be cycled. It has been developed to be taken everyday for the user to get the maximum benefit. 


Some people may take a dietary supplement for a week or so and think that because they haven't developed huge strength that it isn't working and will stop using it. 


However, the different ingredients take effect on different timescales and obviously people will react slightly different. 


One of the most noticeable and immediate result of taking our product is better sleep quality and reduced muscular pain or delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). 


Yet scientific research states that it may take up to six months of continuous use to have the best effects from some of the ingredients. 


Furthermore, we have included nutrients such as vitamin D and iron that many people throughout the world are deficient in. 


This is why we offer multi-bottle bundle deals which reduces the price per bottle and we also offer a 0% interest payment installment option. 


Military Muscle isn't just about building bigger biceps, it's an all round product that can benefit your performance on multiple levels.

time line for ingredients to be effective in military muscle according to clinical evidence

Physical Activity

People take Military Muscle for a wide variety of reasons. Some may use it to help build muscle, others run fast, cycle harder or just feel better overall. 


However, regardless of your leisure and professional pursuits the benefits of weightlifting are universally renowned. 


So, if you aren't already hitting the iron, the time is now, because this will help support your goals. 


However, there are certain exercises or movements that benefit you more than others when it comes to hormone secretion. 


Those of great benefit are called the compound lifts, and it really helps if you hit them in a regular training pattern. 


But why compound lifts, what's so special?


These movements use multiple joints. 


Instead of sitting at a machine on the gym floor that isolate just your biceps or quads, a compound lift targets multiple muscle groups when performed, and they have been proven to help grow muscle, strength and test levels not to mention burn calories! 


The thing is, many of these exercises don't actually need expensive equipment or even a gym membership. 


You can really improvise and use items from around the house. 


Squats can be performed whilst wearing a rucksack loaded with bags of pasta or a weighted vest


You can use gallon milk bottles or any container with easy to grip handles filled with water or sand for overhead press, lunges, deadlifts, bench press or ever bent over rows. 


Then there's the various forms of push-ups, pull-ups or tricep dips that require little more than your body weight. 


Checkout the popular and effective compound exercises that can really help boost your T-levels, strength and body composition below.

5 compound exercises that can help increase testosterone


If you really want to benefit from Military Muscle you may have to make some lifestyle changes, but these can be quite simple. 


After all, why spend the money, the time in the gym and eating healthy foods if you are going to ruin it or at least hinder progress by not changing any bad habits


So, we've talked about nutrition, we've talked about exercise so what's next? 


Discipline for a start...



Adults need about eight hours of good quality sleep at night, don't try to live on five or six hours and according to studies it isn't healthy to have too much sleep either, so ditch the ten hour snooze-athons, too. 


But do create a comfortable environment whereby falling and staying asleep isn't difficult. 


A strong routine means that good practice becomes habit. This could mean getting to bed for 2200 or rising at 0600 to get a nutritious breakfast instead of rushing out of the door and grabbing a Danish pastry. 


Ensuring that you go to the gym or exercise regularly is also going to help. 


It can become very easy to watch TV in the evening until the early hours and drinking a few beers.

Many alcoholic drinks can tip you over your healthy calorie balance, prevent you from getting a good nights sleep and can contribute to breaking your routine. 


Stay Hydrated

Water is an essential macronutrient along with carbohydrates, proteins and fat. 

People in the UK should aim for 1.2 litres of water daily and this should be adjusted if the weather is hotter or you are doing exercise. Being hydrated helps you perform better both physically and mentally.



It is entirely possible that you can overtrain your muscles, doing so can exhaust your body, make you more susceptible to illness and prevent growth. 


More is not necessarily better. Let your body recover, ensure that you have rest days, and that means days where you are not in the gym or pounding the treadmill. 



This is connected with overtraining, but if you are injured do not rush back trying to smash a PB. Train around the injury and ensure your comeback is gradual and sustainable. 


Log your results

Track your progress. By dating and recording your performance in the gym or even your nutrition you can make tangible improvements. 


By not dong this, you can stagnate, lose interest and then give up completely. 


Reduce Stress

High levels of stress floods your body with cortisol which is a hormone that reduces your test levels. 


If you drive a lot, try to play soothing music to relax you, give yourself plenty of time to get to places, especially for meetings so you are not flustered or worrying about being late. 


Or do some exercise, physical activity can clear your mind and help de-stress


So, we have covered how you should use and take Military Muscle


We have established why you should strictly stick to the recommended dose and why taking too many or too few capsules can reduce the effectiveness. 


The importance of nutrition has been covered. Healthy nutritious foods can boost your performance and make you feel much better. 


To support your nutrition and your supplement a regular exercise regime will help your test levels soar to new heights. Plus, there's a wealth of health benefits from weight training. So. If you are not familiar with the 'iron' make a change. 


With a new regime, we also note the importance of making new, healthy and positive habits. 


Create and stick to a new routine of good sleep, exercise, recovery, less alcohol and attempt to reduce stress. 



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