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Written by Ben Bunting: BA, PGCert. (Sport & Exercise Nutrition) // British Army Physical Training Instructor // S&C Coach.


As men age testosterone levels fall and biomarkers of inflammation increase.

Andropause is a common phenomenon that can have negative effects on men, including reduced overall health, increased sarcopenia and cardiovascular disease risk, as well as decreased sexual function and bone loss.

It is therefore not surprising that a growing number of men have started to request testosterone replacement therapy by their doctors.

Some physicians discourage their male patients from receiving testosterone replacement therapy because recent studies have shown that the therapy can cause cardiovascular events including myocardial ischemia.

The impact of low testosterone

Testosterone is essential to many aspects of male functioning, but when levels decrease you may experience physical changes which negatively impact both your health and life.

These may include reduced sexual desire or less frequent and weaker erections. Furthermore, fatigue could set in more frequently and concentration may become difficult.

Other symptoms might be more subtle, like tenderness in your breast tissue (gynecomastia), loss of muscle mass, or bone density loss which leaves you more prone to fractures.

While such issues are more difficult to address than loss of libido or sexual drive, they're equally serious for your health.

Medical studies continue to uncover connections between low testosterone levels and other health conditions, such as depression.

But this doesn't indicate that low testosterone directly causes them - rather it simply links up with them; replacing your natural levels could help avoid or at least mitigate these health risks.

As part of an overall healthy lifestyle plan, you can help increase your testosterone levels by making smart decisions about lifestyle.

This might involve avoiding unnecessary stress - particularly if you work night shifts - and getting enough restorative sleep.

Eating a nutritious diet rich in vegetables and fruit as well as whole grains, moderate amounts of healthy fats, lean proteins like chicken or fish is also key; too many sugary snacks and drinks could lead to elevated blood glucose levels which in turn decrease testosterone. 

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What is a troche?

A troche is a medicated lozenge designed to dissolve gradually over 30 minutes when placed between cheek and gum or under the tongue, serving as an alternative way of administering medication directly into bloodstream without going through digestive system first.

Due to bypassing the digestive tract, troche medications reduce side effects associated with certain medications - specifically gastrointestinal issues - so are particularly well-suited for people with sensitive stomachs.

Furthermore, troche medicines can be used for pain relief, weight loss, erectile dysfunction therapy and hormone replacement therapy among other uses.

Troches typically feature either a gelatin or PEG base.

PEG bases should not be used by those with chemical sensitivities as their hard base can irritate mucous membranes of the mouth and potentially bind hydrophobic molecules (bioidentical hormones, for instance) which reduce how well medication is absorbed.

Therefore, gelatin-based troches may be better.

Troches provide another advantage by being easily sucked on, making it much simpler for those with swallowing difficulties to take their medicine.

Chewing can cause it to disintegrate more rapidly, lessening its efficacy; to maximize absorption and prevent over saturation of one location with medication.

Testosterone troche explained

All forms of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), which includes troches, restore testosterone levels to reverse symptoms.

Testosterone troches dissolve under the tongue and are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, offering a rapid boost of testosterone.

Troches, like other TRT forms, are only available on prescription.

They release testosterone quickly within 30 minutes. Your doctor will prescribe a dose based on the results of your blood tests.

Troches are easy to adjust and offer a flexible dosing system.

If you are allergic to needles or injections, have sensitive skin, or can't tolerate them, then a patch is not for you.

Troches are usually taken twice daily, once in the morning, and then again in the evening.

You'll need to check in with your doctor a month or so after the treatment has begun to ensure that your T-levels are as they should be.

The benefits of a testosterone troche

Troches, like other forms of TRT, can offer other benefits, read on to find out:

Improved libido

When testosterone levels drop, your libido also drops. TRT may be able to reverse some of the libido decline, partly because it can help with mood killers such as erectile dysfunction, depression and fatigue.

Better bone health

After your 20s, bone mass usually peaks and then decreases. Men lose bone mass slower than women, but this is still a factor in serious complications such as fractures. 

Research suggests that TRT could help slow this process because testosterone is important for maintaining bone density.

Muscle and strength

Your muscles change with age, just like your bones. Studies suggest that you can actually lose up to 8% per decade of muscle mass between the ages of 30 and 60.

The testosterone trochs can stop this progression.

Research has shown that TRT can increase both strength and muscle volume, which will not only improve gym gains but can also improve mobility and function.

Reduced fat mass

The body's composition changes when you gain muscle mass. In one study, men taking TRT saw greater reductions in visceral and fat mass - the dangerous type that can increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes - than those who took a placebo.

Potential side effects of testosterone troche

Like other testosterone replacement therapies, Troches may cause side-effects.

Heartburn, headaches, and burping are the most minor.

Other more serious problems include an increased red blood count, swelling of the feet and ankles, changes in cholesterol levels, sleep apnea, and increased risk for prostate cancer. 

How does a troche stack up against other forms of TRT? 

The fact that testosterone troches are non-invasive is one of their most attractive features.

They're placed under the tongue or between the inner cheek and the gum.

Saliva breaks down the troche, allowing the drug quickly to pass through thin skin and into the circulation system.

While the delivery system may be quick and easy, it has some drawbacks compared to TRTs of other types. Compliance is one example.

If you are busy, it's possible that you will forget to take your troche.

While all forms of TRT use testosterone, when troches are used, a small amount of it is mixed with saliva, swallowed and enters the digestive system. This makes the testosterone unavailable to be used. 

Furthermore, oral doses of testosterone can be harmful to the liver.

Troches have a very short half life and can cause testosterone levels to fluctuate more than other TRT forms.

The frequency of troches can also affect hormone fluctuations.

The half-life for injections is eight to ten days. However, injecting two or more times per week can minimize testosterone fluctuations.

Are there any safer, natural alternatives?

You do not necessarily have to go down the expensive and potentially invasive route of TRT.

There is another option that you should try before you start looking to a doctor for a prescription.

Military Muscle Testosterone Booster Safely Increases Testosterone

Military Muscle was developed by a serving soldier with both a bachelor's degree and postgraduate qualification in exercise, sports, and nutrition - the man behind Military Muscle is himself an active soldier!

After suffering poor recovery times and low energy, it became apparent to him that suboptimal testosterone levels may have contributed to these symptoms.

Military Muscle provides a blend of ingredients designed to safely increase testosterone levels naturally and safely.

Formula includes vitamin D3, ashwagandha, tongkat ali and mucuna pruriens; these ingredients have been scientifically shown to increase testosterone levels while at the same time acting as anti-estrogenics.

Together these components ensure healthy hormone balance for improved mental and physical performance.

Military Muscle also contains nutrients designed to relieve stress, enhance sleep quality and promote proper nutrient absorption - factors which may impact testosterone production and deplete energy stores which in turn decrease performance. 

Boron and zinc are included to help avoid deficiencies that can reduce testicular function and the production of testosterone, and therefore Military Muscle's effectiveness at increasing testosterone.

Military Muscle is not an entirely new supplement, yet its execution stands out.

The intricate attention to its nutrient profile sets it apart, making it suitable for soldiers, athletes and anyone facing rigorous fitness challenges such as military boot camps or obstacle course races.


estosterone is the key hormone responsible for men's sexual drive, muscle mass and deep voice; as well as being an anti-aging agent.

When testosterone levels decrease significantly, symptoms such as decreased libido, fatigue and depression can arise.

Hormone troche therapy may provide relief of such issues by acting locally and systemically absorbing its medicine through sublingual or gum application.

Thus allowing both local and systemic absorption without oversaturation of liver organs due to pills/tablets that often expose it to in-flux of hormones which may result in adverse reactions.

When it comes to testosterone troche use, its effects may take different amounts of time depending on a number of factors.

Your initial dosage prescribed by your physician and taking each dose as scheduled daily are key components to seeing desired results quickly.

Your baseline testosterone levels also can affect how quickly results become evident in your body.

As with any medication, it is essential to fully comprehend and discuss its side effects with your prescriber.

A testosterone troche may interact with medications prescribed to treat mental health conditions as well as certain drugs used for blood pressure management, diabetes control or managing conditions such as prostate cancer.

Furthermore, smoking or drinking alcohol while taking this medicine should also be avoided to avoid negative interactions.

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