Does Testosterone Make Your Penis Bigger?

Does Testosterone Make Your Penis Bigger?

Written by Ben Bunting: BA, PGCert. (Sport & Exercise Nutrition) // British Army Physical Training Instructor // S&C Coach.

The sex-hormone, testosterone, is responsible for many bodily processes, such as penis growth, up until the biological male reaches puberty.

During infancy testosterone assists the testicles in moving down to the scrotum. In puberty testosterone increases the voice of a child, grows pubic and underarm hair, builds muscles and produces Sperm.

The Penis usually grows both in size and width during puberty. The growth of the penis usually stops when a person attains physical maturity as outlined, here.

As a result, taking testosterone as an adult, after the penis has stopped growing, will not affect the length of your penis.

Testosterone does not increase penile size in adults after the growth of the penis is stopped. However, it can help treat other conditions, such as Erectile Dysfunction when Low testosterone (Hypogonadism), is to blame.

Penis size

The size of the penis is variable. A smaller penis flaccid size does not necessarily correspond to a larger penis erect. Each man's penis will vary in size. Most of them fall within the range. Research states that some conditions in the prenatal stage or factors that lower testosterone during puberty can make the penis size smaller.

A condition known as Micropenis is characterized by a penis that's much smaller than normal. The official size diagnosis for this condition is 2.5 standard deviations under the norm.

A child born with micropenis can have hormones that are not in balance after the 12th weeks of pregnancy. Micropenis can be treated with testosterone shots and topical testosterone in early childhood according to this 2022 body of literature

Testosterone, Male Sexuality and the Body

Healthy testosterone levels are important for much more than just building muscles. Men need testosterone to maintain cognitive functions, mood and bone health. 

Could a healthy level of testosterone lead to an increase in your male genital size? 

Studies show that optimizing testosterone levels can help you achieve strong erections, as well as a healthy appetite for sexual activity. Does testosterone also make your penis larger? We'll examine the link between penis size and testosterone. 

Both men and women have both sex hormones, but testosterone is the dominant one. Both men and women produce sex-hormones, however testosterone is more prevalent in males. 

Other words, women are much more likely to produce estrogen than men. The t-faucet is turned on full force when you reach puberty. 

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Does testosterone cause penis to grow?  

Both anabolic as well as androgenic effects are induced by testosterone. The size and shape your muscles tissue is what anabolic means. Anabolic steroids are taken by men to gain more muscle mass. 

Androgenic hormones are related to the physical growth of a person, such as facial hair and a deep voice. Contrast this with estrogen which is associated with feminine traits such as wider hips, larger breasts and a high-pitched voice. 

Penis Development: What factors affect it?

According to studies, male infants who are born with abnormally low testosterone levels tend to have a condition known as micropenis. 

Researchers followed the infants through adulthood in this same study. In the same study, researchers gave testosterone to babies who were born with micropenis and followed them into adulthood.   

You can think of puberty as the beginning of a marathon.

There are generally several phases that men go through when they reach puberty.

A sudden increase in height occurs several times before the boys reach adult size.

They will see that their testicles have grown when they look down. Lean muscle tissue and the shape of your body begin to change. Penis grows in length and breadth. 

Hair will start to appear everywhere. This includes the pubic region, the area under the arm, and the facial hair. 

The voice will start to deepe. Once they reach their maximum height and penis, testosterone production begins to slow down and stabilise.  

Does Testosterone Make Your Penis Bigger?

Once you have gone through puberty, and are an adult, testosterone and penis sizes don't really correlate. 

You get what you see. It is difficult to increase your penis size as an adult.

Many of the penis-enlargement products on the market aren't going to work. Penis Pumps are vacuum-driven devices which draw blood to the penis. 

Penile Implants are implanted surgically into the penis. They can cause serious side effects when not used correctly, and should never be used to enlarge the penis.

Many people choose to have cosmetic surgery in order to increase the size of their penis. Talk to your doctor about any possible risks or benefits before deciding whether the procedure is for you. 

However, while increasing your testosterone levels as an adult won't change the size of your penis, it can have other related effects and benefits.

Testosterone Benefits

The size of your penis may have little to do with testosterone once you reach adulthood, but it is still responsible for many important benefits. 

Libido Increased

A healthy sexual drive and libido are a result of normal to high testosterone levels. Numerous studies have proven that men who have low testosterone levels also have no desire or interest in having sex. 

When you give men with low levels of testosterone a testosterone patch, shot or supplement, they will notice an increase in their sex desire. 

The Erections are Harder

Low testosterone can cause erectile dysfunction, or an inability to maintain and get a hard penis when sexually stimulated. 

Men's erections improve dramatically when they restore testosterone through a natural treatment or prescription. 

Sex Confidence

Ever wondered how some men can be so confident to approach and seduce women? According to some studies, testosterone and confidence have a relationship that is cyclical. 

The confidence that comes from confident postures and behavior may boost testosterone levels in men.

This testosterone boost can then support the man's self-confidence. If you're looking to boost your alpha-male confidence, then focus on maintaining healthy testosterone levels. 

Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone and Feel Better

Focusing on healthy testosterone levels may provide relief, whether you are worried about your penis size, how well you perform in bed, the extra weight you have gained that just won't disappear, or your general mood.

While testosterone won't make your penis grow any bigger as you age, it will improve your self-confidence and help you to feel more confident. We recommend that you focus on increasing your testosterone and improving yourself instead of worrying about the size of your genitals. 

Eat an all-natural, clean diet with plenty of proteins, such as turkey, chicken, or whey. Also, include healthy fats, such as coconut oil and salmon, as well as complex carbohydrates, such as sweet potatoes and wild rice.

Try to work out at least three times per week. Combine strength-training and cardio activities like biking or running.

You can take a testosterone booster supplement that is made from all-natural, non-illegal ingredients. Military Muscle is a combination of 14 ingredients that have been scientifically tested to boost testosterone, enhance recovery, improve sleep and stimulate libido.  


It's a hard fact: testosterone won't make you a larger dick. Why focus on it? 

If you don't have any serious health issues, the size of your penis shouldn't be a concern. 

Military Muscle is a supplement that can help you boost your testosterone levels. Your health and self-esteem will be much more important. 

Do not focus on a small part of yourself.

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