Do Mushrooms Affect Testosterone Levels?

Do Mushrooms Affect Testosterone Levels?

Written by Ben Bunting: BA, PGCert. (Sport & Exercise Nutrition) // British Army Physical Training Instructor // S&C Coach.


You'll struggle to gain muscle mass without testosterone. 

You'll also struggle to gain energy and motivation, and you will feel a complete lack of mood and enthusiasm. 

What can you do? Testosterone depletes as we age, but a diet that laks nutrients can accelerate the process.

The white button mushroom is a small, humble vegetable that contains natural compounds which reduce the aromatization. 

Are mushrooms really all that they are cracked up to? And, should this simple food be part of a man's diet?


The main male hormone is testosterone (T). This natural steroid has a variety of functions that are important for health and performance. 

You will experience anabolic effects such as increased muscle mass, strength and protein synthesis. You will also experience androgenic effects such as body hair and a masculine, assertive presence. 

It's all about what makes you a real man. 

Your T levels will be at the highest during your teens and early twenties. As you reach thirty, the production of testosterone begins to decrease by 2% annually. 

Normal readings would range between 300-1000 ng.dL. If your T levels fall below 300ng.dL, you are diagnosed with hypogonadism. 

For many men, this means losing muscle mass and a decline in their libido. They also begin a more difficult battle against abdominal fat. 

It needs to be fixed. 

What is aromatization?

The feedback loop that testosterone is part of has a clever design. Your brain will tell your testes when levels are low to increase production. When levels rise, the brain releases enzymes that bring them back down. 

Aromatization is a process that your body uses to remove some T in order to prevent your levels of T from getting too high. 

Aromatase is an enzyme that converts some testosterone into estrogen. It's likely that you have heard about estrogen, the hormone responsible for female cycle regulation and feminine traits. 

This is a formal, sex-enhancing environment that allows the testosterone to maximize itself. 

Aromatase can be overactive, even though it is a part of the T-regulatory system. This could lead to too much estrogen being produced in your body. 

Men are feminized by excessive aromatase. As a male who is masculine, this is bad. It's very bad. 

It's vital to stop excess aromatization if you don't want your breasts growing, muscle loss, or health and performance dropping. This will help you maintain your T level. 

The aromatization process occurs when testosterone converts to estrogen. It can result in 'feminization,' or a loss of male characteristics. 

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Agaricus bisporus: is it an aromatase inhibitor?

Many foods, and nutrients which naturally boost testosterone can inhibit excessive aromatization. 

The most common and widely consumed variety of white button mushroom is Agaricus Bisporus. 

This simple food could be key to inhibiting the aromatization process. 

These mushrooms, which are native to Europe and North America have either a white or a brown color. 

Portobellos are the mature form of these mushrooms. They are flat, dark, and have an open cap. These mushrooms are commonly stuffed with meat and served as a substitute for it. They are round and small when immature. 

What does the latest research tell us about this superfood? 


There isn't a lot of research that links white button mushroom to testosterone. However, the studies that are conducted have some fascinating results. 

Study #1: Grube et al [1] 

In a 2001 study, published in Journal of Nutrition, it was found that white button mushroom could reduce estrogen levels in women who were post-menopausal by inhibiting aromatization. 

Researchers suggested "a diet high in mushroom consumption may modulate the aromatase's activity". 

Study #2: Palomares et al [2] 

One of the few human studies, women postmenopausal with breast cancer received varying dosages of extract from white button mushrooms ranging between 5-13g. The 3-month trial was conducted. 

The activity of estrogens and aromatase was not reduced significantly, despite the upward trend. The aromatase enzyme activity did not change by the benchmark value. 

Researchers concluded "Aromatase can be sensitive to changes in short time, but at concentrations too low to reduce estrogen levels significantly from baseline". 

Study #3: Chen [3] 

Cancer Research conducted a 2006 study to examine the mushroom's role as an anticancer agent and antiestrogenic. 

The team tested hamster cell cultures and mice in order to determine the effect of an Agaricus Bisporus extract on estrogen receptors. 

It was discovered that the extract decreased cancer cell growth as well as aromatization. 

While the paper's conclusion was positive, it concluded that human trials are needed to explore this drug's role in modulating anti-estrogen. 

Mushrooms Are Understudied

Only a few research papers have claimed that mushrooms extracts can boost testosterone and reduce estrogen. 

There have not been any human trials conducted to date. 

Some supplement makers have developed white button mushroom extraction based on studies on cancer survivors and animals. Then they sell it as anti-estrogenic to men who are unaware.

In reality, calling it a "T-booster" is premature. This is especially true since there are no studies to support this claim. 

Don't get too carried away. 

Presently, there is only limited evidence that mushrooms can reduce the aromatization of food.

You have to take care when you transfer in vitro or cancer research from healthy men to other men, as there are only limited clinical trials that can be used to draw conclusions. 


Mushrooms are cheap, easily available, and versatile as cooking ingredients. They should be in every grocery basket. You'd miss out on a lot of health benefits and nutrient-rich mushrooms if you don't add them to your diet. 

It's still too early to tell if the white button mushroom can reduce estrogen, inhibit aromatization or increase testosterone. It's because most of the research is done on test tubes, animals and cancer patients. 

We would advise against using white button mushrooms as a supplement. Instead, add them to your diet in their whole form. 

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