Core Exercises For Men

Core Exercises For Men

Written by Ben Bunting: BA, PGCert. (Sport & Exercise Nutrition) // British Army Physical Training Instructor // S&C Coach.


Core exercises for men focus on the abdominals and lower back. Men often engage in physical work that requires strength and can place an increased demand on their back.

Core body strength is critical to protect against the aging process and the wear and tear on the spine.

This article highlights five core exercises for men. These exercises target the hips, buttocks, lower back, and abdominal muscles. You should try these exercises if you are looking to improve your posture and lower back.


Performing the plank as a core exercise for men is a great way to tone and strengthen your entire body.

You don't need any special equipment to perform this exercise, and you can vary the difficulty by adding additional movement and instability to the plank. Beginners should hold the position for 30 seconds and progress to one minute, if they can.

Strength coach Keith Scott recommends planking before lifting heavy weights. Ideally, you should hold for two minutes.

The benefits of the plank exercise are many. In addition to helping you get rid of belly fat, it helps shape your buttocks and reduce cellulite.

It also helps you improve your posture, boost your metabolism, and tone your abs. However, there are some precautions you should take to get the most out of this exercise. If you follow these steps, you'll be more likely to reap the full benefits.

The standard plank exercise can cause problems for men with tight hips. If you're one of these men, it can increase your risk for injury. To avoid this problem, try a three-point plank.

While in plank position, hold one leg off the floor. Hold the other leg with the other arm and repeat. After two minutes, you'll be able to hold the three-point plank for two minutes and feel its benefits.

Another great benefit of the plank as a core exercise for men is that it will help improve your posture.

Good posture will prevent injuries from hunching, slouching, and even minor movements such as bending over. Planks strengthen all the muscles in the torso and can help you develop a strong, stable, and well-balanced posture. Developing good posture is beneficial for many reasons, but especially when you're trying to develop a chiseled torso.

Squat thrusts

Squat thrusts are a great exercise for the core. They target the abs and oblique muscles, as well as the gluteus maximus muscle group. Because they target the lower body muscles, squat thrusts are beneficial for improving cardiovascular health and metabolism.

You can even add a pushup to the exercise for additional benefits. In this article, you'll learn how to do squat thrusts correctly and learn the benefits of this core exercise for men.

Squat thrusts are not as simple as some other core exercises for men. They are a bit more advanced than burpees, but they work many areas of the body. The lower body is targeted especially, but the entire body is exercised.

You'll also work your shoulders and core. The results of a squat thrust exercise are impressive. It's an excellent way to make sure you're getting the right kind of workout for your body type.

Squat thrusts work the entire body and burn a lot of calories. They're great for men who want to tone their lower body while improving cardiovascular endurance.

For beginners, you can start in a plank position and practice jumping back and forth with both legs. Be sure to maintain perfect form when performing squat thrusts. The most common way to do this exercise is with your hands on the floor.

Squat thrusts are also excellent cardiovascular exercises. They help increase your heart rate, which is vital for fat-burning. The squat thrusts are also beneficial for men who want to lose weight.

As a bonus, they are easy to perform anywhere, and can be done on any time of the day. Besides burning fat, they also improve overall health, cardiovascular health, and muscular strength.

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Heel touches

Heel touches as part of core exercises are excellent for targeting the obliques, which are the side ab muscles that are essential for daily activities such as bending over or squatting.

This exercise targets the obliques and is best done unweighted for maximum benefit. Before you begin, make sure to consult with a doctor or trainer and do not strain your neck. The goal is to engage your core muscles as much as possible and keep your neck and back stable.

You can use light dumbbells to add another level of resistance to the exercise. Light dumbbells don't exceed ten pounds. If you have a limited amount of space, start with a medium-weight dumbbell and gradually increase the weight as you get stronger.

It is important to maintain proper form and use your core muscles to drive the movement instead of your neck or back. You can also use a decline bench for additional challenge.

To perform heel touches, you will need to bend your knees at a 90-degree angle. Make sure that your feet are flat on the floor, then bend your knees. Reach your hand toward your ankle.

Alternate sides between repetitions. Repeat three times for each side. This exercise works the entire midsection and the obliques. It is an excellent workout for men of all fitness levels, but beginners should focus on doing less repetitions and doing them slowly.

Heel touches can also be used as a complement to other abdominal exercises. The lateral heel touch works the obliques, enhancing the look of an Adonis belt.

Start by lying on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Next, bend your left knee, lift your head and bend your upper back. Once you're comfortable, repeat this exercise five or six times.

Reverse crunches

When performing reverse crunches, squeezing your knees together will help to recruit more abdominal muscles. As your knees come in, keep your elbows close to your body to increase the pressure on the muscles.

It is important to keep the knees together, but you should also not rock back and forth. Try to focus on getting a nice contraction. If you have trouble performing the reverse crunch, try these tips to improve your performance.

Reverse crunches are best for men, and they are a great way to get the most from your workout. Because they put your lower abs in an awkward position, they can be challenging.

Men should avoid doing them if they suffer from lower back pain. Ideally, they should be done with the legs at 90 degrees to the floor. After holding for a beat, roll the spine back to its original position.

Unlike the standard crunch, the reverse crunch involves recruiting the entire rectus abdominis, the sheet of muscle that makes up the six-pack. The reverse crunch is more difficult than the standard version, so beginners should do only as much as they can at first.

As you gain strength, add more reps, extra sets, and additional resistance. This way, you'll have more muscle and more definition than ever before.

To perform the reverse crunch, sit on a bench or mat that is cushioned. Then, engage your abs and draw your knees toward your chest.

Hold for a moment before lowering your legs back to the floor. Repeat this motion as many times as you can. Using a resistance band attached to a heavy stationary object or ankles can add a challenge. For better results, use a weighted resistance band.

Windshield wipers

If you're looking for an effective exercise to strengthen your core, try windshield wipers. While these exercises may seem simple, they can actually work your entire core.

For better results, you should try doing them slowly. To perform this exercise properly, you should lie on a flat mat, face up, with your arms at your sides. Rotate your hips and lower your knees while maintaining a neutral spine. Keep your chin tucked while you wipe the windshield.

Performing the wiper exercise correctly is crucial to a great ab workout. However, many beginners may not be able to complete the entire exercise correctly. To avoid injury, you should perform the exercise slowly and modify the move accordingly.

The goal is to achieve at least 10 reps of the exercise. For advanced athletes, you should do this exercise once or twice a week. Once you feel confident performing this exercise, you should continue with the routine.

Another core exercise for men with windshield wipers targets the rectus abdominis muscle, otherwise known as the "six-pack" muscle.

The oblique abdominal muscles will also be strengthened, as will the lower back muscles. And the hips will be engaged throughout the range of motion. If you're a man who's constantly wiping the windshield, this exercise will give you a strong core in no time!

This exercise is also called a glute bridge, and is beneficial to endurance athletes.

This exercise targets the lower back, while strengthening the glutes. Beginners should hold this position for 30 seconds to one minute. Advanced athletes can hold the position for a longer time and use both legs for varying reps. In order to achieve a higher degree of difficulty, you can lift one leg and lower the other.

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