How does an Alpha Male Pursue a Woman?

How does an Alpha Male Pursue a Woman?

Written by Ben Bunting: BA, PGCert. (Sport & Exercise Nutrition) // British Army Physical Training Instructor // S&C Coach.


Alpha Male Body Language Examined

If you've ever anayzed the behaviors of an Alpha Male, you're probably noticing some common body language patterns. For instance, they walk with purpose, use hand gestures, and even touch their arms. If you're a beta, you might be making your way or even shying away. But alphas know when to stay in place, and this applies to all aspects of dating. Here's how to master your Alpha male body language.

Eye contact

The importance of eye contact in Alpha Male body language cannot be overstated. This simple act communicates presence. Never be shy to make eye contact when you are talking to someone. It might feel awkward at first, but after some practice, it will become a natural part of your body language. Here are some examples of Alpha Males and how to emulate them. Read on to learn more. If you're interested in becoming an Alpha Male, follow these tips to start your quest for success.

The alpha male eye contact technique is one of the most popular seduction techniques. It's easy to get a lady's attention with this technique, but it also takes excellent conversation skills to make ensure you have her attention. Eye contact in Alpha Male body language helps you convey a strong and enticing vibe. You can use this technique in a variety of settings, but you must modify the intensity of your eye contact for the social setting. In a club or bar, for example, you can be more abrasive with your gaze.

The alpha male has a distinctive way of walking. He stands in a certain way, indicating his position of dominance. This posture creates a natural presence. It does not appear aggressive, but instead conveys the impression of confidence and control. Generally, alpha males do not hold their arms out in front of their bodies or cross their arms. The alpha male stance indicates that he's not intimidated or threatened.


Walking in the way of an Alpha Male is a key part of his body language. His steps must be balanced and moderately spaced. Small or huge steps make a person feel unbalanced and clumsy. A moderate step length of about shoulder-length and control is essential. Correcting the walk does not take long, but will greatly affect the way people perceive him.

Alphas enter a room very differently than the rest of us do. They step confidently into a room and take a prominent position in the middle of the action. They want to be noticed. In addition, alphas usually make a lot of noise when they enter a room. This is a way to assert their dominance and make everyone aware of their status as the alpha. It also communicates that they are a serious and confident individual.

In addition to walking differently than the rest of us, alpha males have a particular way of looking and feeling. If they are overcompensating, they may be acting aloof. 

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Hand gestures

The Alpha Male's hand gestures reveal that he is in control of his body. Fidgeting is a sign of nervousness. To stop fidgeting in front of a woman, you'll have to confront it head-on and talk to her about it. But what's a man to do when his fidgeting is making a woman feel uneasy? Let's examine some of his hand gestures to learn a little more about this.

First of all, an alpha male doesn't fear social interaction. They don't put themselves into a corner. Instead, they expand around others. This shows they aren't afraid of occupying space or getting judgemental. They also don't get pushed around. They simply want to occupy space in a social setting. When you walk in a way that shows you're in control, people won't push you around.

Next, when talking to a man, the Alpha Male's posture speaks volumes. This posture is relaxed, yet assertive. The male is making himself appear powerful and confident, while the female is demonstrating her sensitivity to his surroundings. A man should take up space with his body, and his hands should be held out of his pocket. The key to displaying alpha male body language is balance. Hand gestures should be subtle and natural without overdoing them.

Explain your points

Using your hands to explain your points has many benefits. Hand gestures help create images in the minds of your audience. One example is a palm facing down or a base moving upward. Your audience will focus on the image of the hand gesture and your message. You will find that many people will use your hands to express themselves and your message. Here are some tips to help you use them effectively. Let us look at some of the most common gestures.

When using your hands to explain your points, do not hold back. Make your gestures natural. This helps your audience understand you better. In addition to hand gestures, you can pause for effect and follow up with a physical gesture. Hand gestures help you maintain rhythm throughout your presentation. The gestures help reinforce the core of what you're saying. When used properly, they can be effective tools to communicate your message.

When giving a speech, it's important to use your hands. If you don't, your audience will notice and judge you as uncharismatic or a bad speaker. Therefore, make sure you use your hands and don't stick both hands in your pants pocket. This way, you'll feel more comfortable using your hands while talking. When talking about a certain point, try to use your hands instead of pointing them out.

Arm touches

One of the most common ways men show their confidence is through arm touches. Alpha males never hesitate to tease and play with beautiful women. While this might seem a little over the top, men with this body language are very confident and playfully approachable. 

Other ways to show the importance of touch in the Alpha Male body language include rubbing the woman's stomach, pointing, and swiping. While men should avoid touching women before doing so, gentle arm touches are acceptable to express your point of view and make an impact. Although it is not a necessary part of alpha male body language, gentle arm touches are highly effective ways to emphasize your point.

Keeping a straight posture

Keeping a straight posture is one of the most basic elements of Alpha Male body language. This is vital because the body is a product, and a man's posture says a lot about his character. 

Standing straight is another important part of Alpha Male body language. A dominating, unafraid guy will have a specific posture when he's in a group. This creates a natural presence that doesn't appear aggressive. By keeping his posture straight, he'll project a powerful presence without coming across as aggressive or haughty. And he can even cross his right ankle over his left knee.

Using your voice

One of the most powerful ways to become an Alpha Male is to learn to use your voice as a focal point. If you want to be heard, use your voice to show others that you've taken time to think about the words you're using. Using an confident tone is an excellent way to convey control and preparedness, even when talking with strangers. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of this powerful tool.

First, you have to use a powerful voice. You don't need to be loud, but your voice has to be strong and dominant to be able to command attention. A loud voice has power and affects people's emotions. Using your voice as an Alpha male begins with speaking slower than usual. This is standard public speaking advice. Once you have your voice up and running, try to speak confidently and loudly.

Another way to use your voice is to learn how to use it in a positive way. An alpha male has a clear, powerful voice. They can be laid back and calm in meetings, but they can also be boisterous in a party or social situation. A voice with confidence and success is what defines an alpha male. And the good news is that it doesn't require super-model good looks to be an alpha male.


If you have witnessed alpha males in social situations and surrounded by interested women, you may wish to try and pick up on some of their mannerisms. 

The key points are within the way you conduct and present yourself. We have covered the importance of maintaingin good eye contact, walking positively, using hand gestures to articulate a story or message, using body contacts, maintaining a strong and assertive posture whilst projecting confidence using your voice. 

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