Military Muscle Teams Up With The Panthers

military muscle & chesterfield panthers

Military Muscle has recently joined forces with the Chesterfield Panthers as their nutrition partner. 

On the Prowl for Success

military muscle founder playing rugby

Former player and Military Muscle founder has formed a partnership with the club in an effort to help improve the nutrition and performance of the players. 

Ben started playing for the club aged 7, and it paved the way for a career spanning 25 years and included playing for his County, school and a brief stint at Hackney. 

Ben retired from the game in 2017 before making a move to join the Army Reserves but then returned again in 2021. 

His highlights at the club include:

  • Winning the NLD championship three times
  • 2014 wooden spoon award
  • The Fran O'Neill memorial player of the match 2016

Upon joining the Army Reserves, Ben has seen high profile action in his Regiment's sporting calendar which includes:

  • Nordic Skiing
  • Cross Country Running
  • Shooting team
  • USMC marathon 
  • Clay pigeon 
  • PARAS'10

Committee Reshuffle


A recent club committee reshuffle has seen a different focus for the club, one that wants to instigate greater  success with the senior teams wanting to lead by example. 

This has brought in training development from Charlie Davies (Wasps, Northampton Saints, Dragons, Stade Francais, England U20) alongside basic nutritional information provided by Ben learned from his Post Graduate in Sports Exercise & Nutrition at the world-leading Carnegie School of Sport.

Military Muscle are also donating a number of limited edition Centenary tee shirts for the club to sell with 100% of the proceeds going to the club to help weather the recent COVID-19 pandemic which has had an undeniable impact.

101 Years of Rugby

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Chesterfield Panthers can trace its roots back to 1919 when Chesterfield Rugby Union Football Club was founded. 

The club later merged with North Derbyshire RUFC in 2008 which brought together a stronger club that fields up to three male senior squads and a senior female team. 

The Panthers also have a very strong youth section which see players from as young as 6 and includes a Colts team for the U18's.

In 2012 the club left their old grounds and stadia for facilities that are more appropriate for their growing ranks.

For over a hundred years the club has enjoyed a colorful history which has developed some notable players within its time and continues to be a prominent player in the local sports scene providing a leapfrog for people of all ages and capabilities to play rugby. 

Past players include:

The club also wants to improve awareness of child obesity and help tackle the issue in the local area.

Lifelong Links

ben with man of the match award

Ben commented;

"I will always owe a debt of gratitude to the club, for the relationships made there and the personal development it has offered me over the years. 
Rugby is a sport that seems to be unique in its camaraderie for each other and getting the best from its players.
I have had great success at the club over the years, made friends for life and developed a stout character able to take hit after hit, stand back up, brush myself down and crack on...the partnership between the club and Military Muscle is a natural fit."


Here's to another hundred years. 

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